gmod_src: Added file.Append( filename, data )

Revision 1006
Added file.Append( filename, data ) Changed Files:

Committed By Garry Newman


Would you just redirect filex to file now?

The filex module is still there.

Yess, hopefully it works.

You’ve bitched on every one of these commits… How about a thanks?

Thanks Garry, We appreciate your hard-work.

There is a difference between bitching and requesting.

But if you really want it…

Thanks for continuesly adding new stuff that makes gmod better than it was before.

Thank you for adding these features to gmod and sorry for the previous post.

I was planning on “flooding” you with thanks-messages on IM, but decided you’d just get annoyed.
I’ll do it here then: Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks and Thanks, also Thanks

If it’s not too much trouble, when are we expected to have a release?
Or are you using valve’s way: “when it’s ready”?

You’re a sexy man at times sir.

This week, probably tomorrow or wednesday

Will there be an update 123 incoming post on

Just asking, couldn’t you give us file handles like gm_vfs does?

It would allow a lot more stuff.

I’m gay.

I like the Idea of vfs. a sandboxed envroiment where you can write and read binaries files.

Install vfs then??

Its not very practical when you can only use it on singleplayer, or as the only client in the server.

Same thing with gm_bass, its awesome but its not practicable for multiplayer since nearly noone has it installed and everyone goes nuts about security when you tell them to download a module, I really wish we had something in toybox for dll downloads, it has been requested but ignored.

Imagine what would be possible if we had like OOSocks as gmod standard.

Toybox dll modules… yea sounds like a smart idea…

How a module toybox would go:

  • Uploader must upload source and actual module
  • The average gmod player doesn’t know what the source does, ignores it
  • The average gmod player downloads the malicious module without knowledge because it had ‘epic’ in the name somewhere
  • Gmod player has My Documents, gmod addons/models/materials/sound folders, some system32 apps etc deleted
  • Player gets angry at garry because obviously it was garry’s fault

Not really, we could just choose 1 or 2 people who look through the sourcecode and then compile it themselves, if thats not possible due missing headers or whatever, the module will be rejected, its not like that would be a lot of work since there is only about 1 module released per month.