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Added mounting for Dystopia, Age Of Chivalry and Dystopia

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    Committed By Garry Newman

Will Alien Swarm be considered for mounting if its possible in the future?

What about Empires?

What for?

Models and Textures?

The problem with Empires is they use a different scaling in their models. So stuff with probably be too small to work with.

Why is mounting for Dystopia added twice? :v:

The models don’t work in our engine version

Pretty sure they don’t yet. They had planned on scaling everything down for aircraft, but aircraft was never finished. They also planned on accomplishing this scaling by including different model sizes and enabling the smaller models on a per map basis. All the normal sized models would still be there.


I thought they scaled everything down to make the maps appear larger? What I remember of the mod, the maps seemed huge compared to most Source maps.

If the alien swarm models don’t work, Wouldn’t that be the case for portal 2 too?

Edit: Valve said the alien swarms branch is between l4d2 and portal2.

Considering alien swarm uses an entirely branch of the source engine than portal 2, I’d say that is a foolish assumption.

They had some working scaling in one of the ‘non-public’ betas, but they accomplished it with separate model files that were scaled down. They never actually used it in a public release, though you might still be able to toggle the scaling with a convar.

But let’s not debate about this any further, I’ll just show you a picture.

Yeah he’s missing his face texture, but I couldn’t be assed to find all of his materials.

Ah. Fair point. I wonder what made me think they used a lot of scaling.

Insurgency had that problem, though. I don’t think this mod did.