gmod_src: Added sv_loadingurl to set the URL to show while j..

Revision 741
Added sv_loadingurl to set the URL to show while joining the server
Fixed crash when joining a server, stopping the load, then joining another one
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Committed By Garry Newman

Does this mean we can allow client to surf a certain website while joining a server? :smiley:

No. You can show them a website but they won’t be able to click anything.

So rules page, basically?

A webpage. Whatever you want, doesn’t have to be rules. Could be a live feed of you jacking off.

I love you so much.

My 2 hour connection times to NoX should be much more fun now.

Now you never have to dual screen anymore, IT’S RIGHT THERE.

Is there a way we could do hacky crap like embedding an HTML control people could click on and using that for games to play “while we wait”? For example, simple shit like a flash tetris clone?


I know, I thought it was pure html, but then I facepalmed.

Not going to work. The loading screen isn’t threaded, so you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Oh well. Back to alt+tab spamming.

Woa, Who told you gary din’t threaded the webpage? (he tells a live seed of commandhat jacking off would work! you need threading for that)

He meant input, and it wouldn’t work whilst the game is loading but whilst it’s downloading it’s fine (downloading is threaded I think)

Please server owners… sv_loadingurl responsibly. I don’t want to be meatspinned (or worse) when I join servers :v:

Although I guess that has always been possible, just now will be possible earlier.

Will the webpage overwrite everything(loading bar, spinning thing, file icons)?

Can’t test right now.