gmod_src: Doesn't submit the same error over and over if the..

Revision 571
Doesn’t submit the same error over and over if they’re repeating every frame - which all good errors are.
Lua function Material() throws a Lua error if missing materialsChanged Files:
Committed By Garry Newman

Awesome, no more error spam! :v:

Oh it still displays them. It just doesn’t send them to Garry.

I could make it not spam them, but I don’t know whether that’s a good thing - because the error will still be happening and people will just put up with it. :confused:

Error spam is important and helpful, because annoying the fuck out of people is the only way developers can get people to actually report bugs. :confused:
Could you perhaps make errors bigger?

The in-game error display could be somewhat active, like showing errors this way:
(24) unable to call function: xyz

Which means that error got spammed 24 times …

Lets have a toggle-able error window.

Then people would turn off the errors instead of fixing them.