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does this mean we will be rocking with the update soon :D?

Does this mean garrysmod will be working again?
It better be :V

No, this failed. He’s waiting for valve to commit the new sourcecode; which they haven’t yet.

Valve should really start doing these things faster :<

that or make sure they provide and explain the update to their selling partners. Rather shafted Garry in the ass with this move. but, it happens. I do await the fix with patience.

Well you know garry, he always has these problems, its just getting ridiculous trying to solve problems with a mod.

And this has fucked up gmod :wink:

I was pretty sure that the problem was from my computer or my Garrysmod/Steam install, until I read this topic…

Do you have a date and time that this may be fixed?

He can’t do anything until Valve updates the entire licensee code dump.

What exactly is bad about leaking free stuff?

Or did I get something wrong?

He’s talking about the F2P announcement.

I just hope, everything gets resolved soon before I forget what I’ve learned about Wiremod so far. I was really coming close to understanding finally how to actually use it.

Do you remember what happened with the golden wrenches? :v:

Thanks for fixing it Garry.