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Committed By Garry Newman

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

But I don’t see how this is useful for English speaking people?

You could stop people using Cyrillic characters to copy people’s names

But Cryllic is non-ascii. This is allowing non-ascii.

This is just so we can enable proper unicode if we want a custom chatbox or something

It isn’t only for English speaking people?

But isn’t Garrys Mod in only English

Doesn’t mean that server/clientside lua can’t be multilingual.

No. The main menu’s translated, everything else isn’t.

So this allows us to make unicode chatboxes? Awesome.

So why does there need to be Lua support for switching Unicode on and off if only the menu is in other languages?

People’s names.

There are people that aren’t English and want to use their spacial chars in custom chatboxes for example. And, oh yeah, names with spacial chars.

Better the question should be: why not?

Is a spacial char like Chinese or Japanese characters or something? I tried googling it but nothing came up.

I just don’t see how it’s useful when Gmod is only in English (except for the menu)

You’ve already been told twice… so people can make input boxes that accept unicode

Thank you a ton!

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I hate to be rude but:

public\vgui\ISystem.h: line 55:

virtual void SetClipboardText(const wchar_t *text, int textLen) = 0;

Throwing chinese or anything else on the clipboard with the current function (SetClipboardText) comes out as nonsense ascii otherwise :\

The problem we have is that Lua doesn’t support unicode… so how would you use it?

How does the non ascii function work if Lua doesn’t support Unicode?

I’m sorry but this thread is really confusing me :frown:

I can still throw unicode to the clipboard even if lua thinks it’s just some odd characters. E.g. GMod Tower’s chatbox has copy but when you try to paste it all unicode shows up as gibberish. What I understand is that if we had w version we could copy unicode too.