gmod_src: Protected against crash due to null model pointer ..

Revision 994
Protected against crash due to null model pointer in prop breakable. Makes no sense but we should gg Changed Files:

Committed By Garry Newman

I’ve had this feeling explosives are evil for a year or two now.
This kind of confirms it, I guess.

It’s when spawning a prop breakable.

My guess is that the model is corrupt or something, but I dunno. Apparently the model pointer is NULL when spawning it. It’s being spawned through Lua so could be any fucked up shit.

Thanks Garry, I’ve a few dumps with this crash reason :slight_smile:

Did you get the function request about an updated file.append ?

I’m faaairly sure he did. It’s not like he could miss a whole page rant of it with people giving out their odd codes.

oh, not the one I’ve been thinking then. Before I could lively recall it was a very bad idea to spawn lots of explosive barrels and kaboom them.

It’s a fairly large forum, not hard to miss the odd rant thread ;). Specially with the amount of idiotic ones are on this forum.