gmod_src: r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 by default. Hopefully this ..

Revision 611
r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 by default. Hopefully this won’t hurt anything. Changed Files:

Committed By Garry Newman

Hopefully, but it will rape loadtimes probably

You should really just add a option for that in the “options/video” menu.

What does it even do with the light maps?

It apparently allows a certain set limit for lightmaps in memory, and on maps like my PC raping Evocity2 it causes a crash unless that is set to 0. Really doesn’t harm anything.

Also thanks Garry, now I won’t have to read post after post of “It don’t werk”.

Im not really fully sure how this works, but heres what it KINDA does:
Instead of allocating the lightmaps in the hunk memory which is limited but fast, it allocates it in the normal heap which is slower, but unlimited.

The hunk memory was memory thats pre-allocated by the engine wasent it?