gmod_src: Reacquire the script if there's content missing fr..

Revision 615
Reacquire the script if there’s content missing from it (instead of trying to use old download URLs, since they’re time sensitive)Changed Files:
Committed By Garry Newman

When is the next garrysmod update available since its gonna take a while to download it all, depending on there connection speed.

If you asking when the next garrysmod update will be public, Wednesday.

Thanks. :buddy:

Tuesday though

Oh, I assumed you were going to release it with GMac on Wednesday. Sent you some crashdumps a minute ago so hope the problem whatever it may be is resolved before the update :V

GMac is Thursday

Don’t know where I got Wednesday from 8]

Also just sent you more crashdumps and an error we discussed in the niggles thread, if you got a second mind looking at it to try fix whatever is causing it before the next update. Server uptime is looking horrible because of it :V