gmod_src: Should now be able to ship addons with binary modu..

Revision 612
Should now be able to ship addons with binary modules in its addon folder. Changed Files:

Committed By Garry Newman

so we just stick a dll in addons and it works?
or does it need an info file

Addon creators know what this means. If you don’t then you don’t have to be concerned with it.

Awesome thanks!

Thank you!

Sweet, thanks!

Sounds really useful!

awesome ! (can you also allow us to use menu_plugins from a addon ?)

That sounds useful actually! :smile:

What happens if two separate addons ship the same module? Or different versions of the same module?

I guess the same that happens when 2 addons have the same models…


Would be a problem having different versions of the module though. Perhaps do a date check and load the latest copy?

Also I think its a really really bad idea to allow loading dll from addons,
many people will just drop in their addon folder without looking into it.

And they don’t anyway?

Most addons with modules need to have source included or else get reported. So there is hardly any risk, unless downloading from third-party sites.

Would it be possible to include something like the client version of the bass module which goes in the main garrysmod directory. As I’m assuming this only works with includes/modules

Most gmod players are dumbasses and don’t even know what c++ or a sourcecode is, everytime a dll is being loaded from addons there should be a big fat warning derma or so.

Not every time, on the first load.

Thats fine too.