gmod_src: sv_scriptenforcer command is serverside only

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sv_scriptenforcer command is serverside only Changed Files:
[li]trunk/src_garrysmod/game/shared/garrysmod/ScriptEnforcer.cpp [/li][li]trunk/src_garrysmod/game/shared/garrysmod/gmod_gamerules.cpp [/li][li]trunk/src_garrysmod/garrysmod/StringTables.cpp [/li][li]trunk/src_garrysmod/garrysmod/StringTables.h [/li][li]trunk/src_garrysmod/garrysmod/gmod_version.h[/li][/ul]

Committed By Garry Newman

Nice, hacking is harder now. :smiley:

Edit: Rate me crosses…

Wow, that’s gonna be hard to bypass, nice going garry! :smiley:


There’s already a public module for editing string tables.

I’m going off the assumption that SE’s on switch is sent through stringtables.

will using writeprocessmemory to change the script enforcer value get me banned?

Will cheating get me banned?

Looks like sv_scriptenforcer and sv_scriptenforcer_initialkick still exists on client side, but it’s not replicated anymore

scriptenforcer was broken…

enjoy your cardboard. of course it wont.

I don’t see a use for sv_scriptenforcer or sv_scriptenforcer_initial_kick to be on the client now should just remove it, since it works fine.

listen servers

Not if you do it right.

He was pointing out how stupid foxxeh’s post is…

] dumpstringtables_new 
Num Tables: 19
0: downloadables
	strings: 2213
	strdata: 85228
	databts: 0

1: modelprecache
	strings: 465
	strdata: 9905
	databts: 465

	strdata: 0
2: genericprecache
	databts: 1

	strings: 1
3: soundprecache
	strings: 34
	strdata: 1036
4: decalprecache
	databts: 34

	strings: 218
	strdata: 4817
	databts: 15069

	databts: 218

6: lightstyles
5: instancebaseline
	strings: 64
	strings: 27
	strdata: 118
	strdata: 68
	databts: 360

7: userinfo
	strings: 255
	strdata: 655
9: ParticleEffectNames
	databts: 396

	strings: 12
8: server_query_info
	strdata: 185
	strings: 1
	databts: 0

	strdata: 9
10: EffectDispatch
	databts: 4

	strings: 0
	strdata: 0
	databts: 0

	databts: 0

11: VguiScreen
13: InfoPanel
	strings: 0
	strings: 0
	strdata: 0
	strdata: 0
	databts: 0

	databts: 0

12: Materials
14: Scenes
	strings: 17
	strings: 12
	strdata: 657
	strdata: 526
	databts: 0

17: LuaStrings
15: GameRulesCreation
	strings: 111
	strings: 1
	strdata: 9
	databts: 11

	strdata: 1493
16: GModGameInfo
	databts: 0

	strings: 1
18: DPFileNames
	strdata: 23
	strings: 1
	databts: 1

	strdata: 32
	databts: 0

] dumpstringtables_new GModGameInfo
0: 'script_enforcer_enabled'(data 1 bytes)
Max Strings: 16
Num Strings: 1
Total String Bytes: 23
Total Data Bytes: 1


You should start using another method of sending the SE on switch.

One that’s less changeable through the Source SDK.

[editline]2nd November 2010[/editline]

Also Cheat Engine can still change it, joy.

SE isn’t working at all for me anyway. Oh well.

Yh but it will get people banned for memory editing

Not if they do it right.

I love these snipes. Yeah, you’re so good at computers, you can use an aimbot in a game where they don’t want you to use an aimbot! You’re gonna work for the FBI someday!

No-one said it was bulletproof. We’re trying to make it harder. We’re on the PC, we’re never going to stop people fucking about completely.