gmod_src: sv_scriptenforcer command is serverside only

Would running Gmod in a VM and fucking with the guest memory from outside the VM be noticed by VAC?

Not that I’d try - just curious.

Just making a point, wouldn’t it be better to completely remove the ability to set server convars from the client under normal conditions?

What? Server convars on client?

Can’t you completely remove the lua_openscript_cl command from memory or something or is that just dumb? It’d certainly make it a lot harder…

every demo recorded pre-109 now crashes the game, so i’m assuming that this is caused by the stringtable changes in this specific update. the demos probably lack the GModGameInfo table or the script_enforcer_enabled string, and the engine crashes when it tries to access them (especially if they’re not checked for existence after looking them up).

so create them beforehand

stringtables are not a global engine thing, they’re per channel.

making script enforcer idiot proof will make better idiots.