GmodBot - Not another Aimbot shity

GmodBot is a project for implement a extremely efficient artificial intelligence to both players and bots.

  • You’re mad…
    No, I’m not. I started with my project doing myself aiming to a point.
    I continued with a function that makes player move forward.
    I saw my player running to that position. I continued applying a jump system that detects objects in front and then jump they.
    Then I do that player doesn’t need to aim to that point, so I could aim anywhere while I move to that position.
    Next of that, I’ve tried to do constructions automatically. I got a function that draw a pentagon with ropes in the floor. All my friends got amused…

That I’ve done clientsided!!!

But my skills can’t reach all I want. I want a über efficient system, but I do not know how to use a* path finder. That’s why I’m looking for people to help me with Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks for read. It will be released when it is done.

Some Random List of things:

  1. Mad…
  2. Crazy…
  3. Hard as hell…
  4. Path Finder wtf? I suckz at Lua lolz…
  5. You’ve got rated Optimistic… Which means that people read but think you’re mad. Too Bad. (OMFG IT RHIMES :D:D:D)
  6. It would be awesome…
    But how?


When I saw this, I thought it was this aimbot. I seem wrong.

Ignore him he’s a shitposter.

Anyways, there’s still the code for the A* that jinto made, some stupid 09’er bumped it and there was a new link in the thread.

How do you give intelligence to an artificial being when you have none of your own?

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - mahalis))

Yeah, that stupid 09’er was me, and I have the code. But I don’t know how it works… By the way this is not so hard to do. I mixed aimbot with patrolling to kill NPC in different areas of map. Is not efficient but it works. So if we work harder we could do a better system that could even help constructing. The largest problem is that server is not perfectly synchronized with client and it could fail doing constructions. By the way I did a __LAG variable that user can change to configure how delay want on every simple timer.

Could you make a short video or something?

I could/want to help if you want to.

Well, your mother gave you some intelligence

I don’t know why but steam shortcut (shift + tab) and fraps doesn’t work for any steam game to me… But I could join some server with huge map to show you what I have.


So this is going to be another Aimbot? I’m game. :dance:

It’d be cool if it actually did pathfinding, as opposed to just basic running to a target.

It would be cool to put one on your server that greets new players if there’s nobody on the server. maybe even would fight them if the player wanted to.

Principally it won’t. It will look like more to robot system than aimbot. Btw it will have aimbot feature.

I don’t know about Jinto’s module (is the source still up?) but wikipedia has the A* algorithm in psuedocode:*

You can also probably find A* implemented in the hl2 source code somewhere, which would be nice because that’s already geared for hl2 maps and would have the right heuristic.

Based on what you’ve done so far, I think you could understand A* better than I could if you take your time to learn it… don’t give up! Here’s a tutorial that explains A* very well:

Yeah I know how aStar is, but I can’t understand how the scripts works :S. Btw I’m looking for another ways to find the path without need to do waypoints in all maps…

Could you hook into the NPC node system? Azuisleet made a module that makes the node graph visible to lua.

Not all maps have nodes though, but self noding bots are possible. There was a bot for Quake II (eraser bot I think?) that could self node just by walking around for awhile.

Shweet. You should make it so it’s undetectable by script enforcer :dance:

Rate me dumb


So true. And also, EPOCH Project.

If i used that would i be banned? …I want to try it… :3