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Welcome to garrysmod builders team.

Me and a few friends own 5 servers in total, all run under the clan called infinity’s ward (IW)

I have just brought a site called and it is devoted to our servers and our epic contraption release.

pk owner - Team manager, site owner, wirer
Infinity wraith - Builder, designer
Dark pineapple man - Builder, decorator, designer

Ps: I’m pk owner

We may be looking for people to help us with odd jobs and occasional projects.

Our latest project: wired hotel, here’s the features

-5 rooms
-Semi auto keycard system
-Hidden rooms
-Working fruit machine
-Casino table
-Credit card system
-Keycard system
-Master keycard

This is a huge list of features and pictures will be added later.

Admins: If this is wrong section please don’t ban me, just move it

I think I’m not too bad with modern looking buildings and stuff, except it’s hard to get the furnishings right when most of the beds are just frames or torn up ratty old things. Oh well…

Sounds like a cool project though.

Thanks 4 teh input

no, no, no.

Please go away, you fail so hard as an admin on your past 4 or 5 DarkRP servers and you have been permanently banned on this forum with like 4 other accounts for just being dumb.

Accounts: (Unbanned)

He has like 2 or 3 more, I’m not going to bother.

I only have pk owner, Noodle man and science

and 2 of em are perm bsnned

As long as he doesn’t cause trouble on this one, it’s fine.

I’m sorry I have to go offtopic, I HAVE too.
This mod is awesome, awesome name and avatar. Great job.

Ontopic, wtf do we get if we build it?

You should also post pictures of the wire hotel :V

Im going on holiday today at lunch time till Saturday and also I’m chatting on my phone whilst walking to school and the pics are on my pc

PS: when I get home at lunch time I may upload pictures then.

On the bus now, expect pics in the next hour


A-a-a-automerge Breaker!!!


ima\ges added


Nice BaconBot.

Lol, I put bacnbot on my server for admin use only

the aimbot is disabled though

I’ve been threatened with being permabanned on all accounts simply for being banned a lot. Guess it’s different per situation :confused:


That’s a dumb reason to use an aimbot.

Looks quite good so far, but I can see gaps in the floor, and the layout seems a little strange.

Hell ill help i make a mean wire setup for ion cannons :stuck_out_tongue: maybe you need a defense system or a anti theft system :stuck_out_tongue: -cough- my ion cannon :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the link for my cannon add me on steam bmthrules im kinda new to facepunch forum but been building for a while

K thank you, I may need a safety system if I can’t be bothered to do it myself.


If you can read this you will love me:

[sp]I am making a rollercoaster for the hotel with a fully automatic 2 train system.[/sp]

This will be epic when finished plus there way be a ride called oblivion (google it) you will like it

I would help wid some of the hotel rooms, but it looks pretty finished to me. (Structure / Rooms)

It is nearlly finished but we will have more projects after this.

Oh wow, Noodle is back and just like before, sounds like he’s about 6, which is probably true. Anyway, have you got any sense of design? That hotel is fuck ugly. Sure, it may have buttonz and c00l shizzle bro, but no, it’s ugly.