GModCentral to re-open it's doors

GModCentral was a quite large community which closed its doors in 2007. We promised to return sometime in the future, stronger and better. Now is that time.

As of this moment, GModCentral is currently looking for skilled Mappers and Lua Scripters to undertake an ambitious RPG project. Details are still a little unclear, but we would like to take a different path from what is considered “RP” at the moment. We have a few other plans in the works too and we are extremely driven to get them off the ground. Should anyone be interested in contributing, please read the FAQ below, decide if you’re still interested and then PM me if you are.

I’m going to be helping out on the scripting side, mostly the backend but this project needs some real focused people behind it to make it work. More information is available on the website and further details will be arriving soon.

I was an active member of GModCentral for the majority if it’s lifetime. A few people who know me will realise that I’ve been quite busy with a few of my own not-so-successful projects and that I said I’d never be involved in a community again. After speaking extensively with Jesus (one of the original founders), I believe this can be a rebirth of awesome proportions. We have a lot of backing in regard to funds and are taking the planning process very seriously. We want to succeed.


GModCentral sucks. You stole scripts and maps and rebranded them as your own.

Yes we did. We were also aged around 15-16 with no real understanding of intellectual property or copyright at the time. If we wanted to do something, we did it regardless of what people thought. It’s been around 4 years since those days and we’ve all learned a lot about being respectful to the time people put into their work. Our focus will be on letting contributers do what they like with their work. If they want to release it, fine. If they want to keep it private, also fine.

You mean you’re doing RP again? Will it be just like old times?

Yes and no. Different people enjoy different things, so instead of trying to cater for everyone, to begin with we will be targetting certain kinds of player. There are a lot of communities and servers out there and we want to make our own niche instead of trying to do what others do.


Yes. I know we used to have a reputation for pranks, but we are utterly serious about this project. I suggest everyone else takes it seriously too.

What about old rivalries?

Very few of the communities we had problems with are still around. Since we’re older and wiser, we’re just interested in doing our own thing while other people do theirs.

What other servers are planned?

We’re not quite ready to disclose all our plans just yet (anything we do say will be for definite), but I’ll just hint that the most popular elements of GModCentral will be making a return. In one form or another.

Who will be coming back?

Jesus, Eraser and I are for definite. Since this is the first time we’ve mentioned anything, other faces may or may not be coming back. You’ll have to ask them :slight_smile:

What kind of timescale can we expect until everything’s running?

We’re taking our planning stages very seriously and would like to make sure what we do will be staying around. Don’t even expect an official forum just yet, but do check out the site. We’ll be posting updates regularly.

Website -

TL;DR - GModCentral, against all odds, will be returning. Stay tuned.

Warning: If you troll or shitpost, you will be banned.

Just heard, can’t wait.

I’m coming back

Sounds very interesting.

[/backseat mod]

Can’t wait for this really, we need some nice new maps and gamemodes anyway.

I don’t recall mentioning any servers being available, only news of an old community returning.

When you say that your looking for good mappers and coders, how do you accept them, i mean like i’m sure you won’t be accepting anyone as soon as they say “I can map”. What are you asking for before hand?

People who have released great maps before are definitely top of the list.

And hopefully a mapper who isn’t afraid of a little experimentation.



Possessive case.

Uber, can you explain how you’ll accept mappers and coders please.

This is how we’ll be recruiting contributers:

Oh i apologise i didn’t read who that post was from.


Well as i do not remember Gmod Central it looks like first impressions will be made here.

Impressive. Sent you guys an e-mail.

Thanks, you’ve got some good work.

I am whole-heartedly behind this.

Sounds awesome. I cannot wait, and I might be able to help out if you need me too…

Oh thanks. Mind adding me on SF, so you can kinda explain to me more what you guys are trying to do?


Be careful with what developers you choose. Otherwise it’ll end up with people not getting along and drama, leaks and bullshit.