gmodcity gamemode

You get pay $50 or more a month to be a dev for my gamemode

minigames will happen throughout city that’s how you will earn money.

[li]apartment[/li][li]mall where you can buy player models[/li][li]cars to get around city[/li][/ul]

[li]chat channel[/li][li]npc scripts[/li][li]money system[/li][li]vip system[/li][li]Derma menus [/li][li]npc that connect you to my other severs [/li][/ul]

Why would you want to pay to work on something?

uber fail!

i’m too lazy to learn lua code that why

wait, are they paying you, or are you paying them?

You will get pay to lua code gamemode.

A BIG Fail awaiten this requested game mode.
Wanna know why?
Mainly becouse only from your post i can see your not even how expirienced making gamemodes.

Trust me im a developer my self i know how gamemodes are made and if someone without any kind of developer knowledge tries to make gamemode he fails.

My tip to you start learning LUA get a 3d program(i recommend blender for beginers) start some how doin models download source sdk try doin maps, and trust me after some time you dont even gonna have to pay and your gamemode will be excelent.

really? pay? :gizz: :gizz: :gizz: :gizz: :gizz: :gizz: :gizz: too bad i dont know lua either

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