Beta Testers Required

Some of you who’ve been around in the GMod9 days might remember a file-hosting site called Unfortunately after a server move, it had to be put into “development hell” until we managed to sort ourselves out!

We’ve now made a lot of progress to the backend and we now require some Beta Testers to abuse the hell out of the site and make sure every function works.

About the site

Started in late 2006/early 2007, GmodFiles originally aimed to be a more personalised version of While was (and still is to be honest) a site where you just upload stuff, GmodFiles aimed to be more of a Garry’s Mod community-focused site. A number of things make GMF different from These include active moderation, embedded file comments, upload requests and a mirroring service for big projects, amongst plenty of others. I know recently re-added comments, but ours are associated with the account of whoever created them, giving a more “personalised” feel.

If you’re interested in being a tester, please PM me with the subject “GmodFiles Beta Tester”. Thanks!

I don’t want to hear any “why another file uploading site?” comments. If you have questions about the site, no problem. But anything which suggests we’re wasting our time isn’t needed.

Sounds good, I remember there used to be something like that before popped up, but not sure if it was gmodfiles.

Edit : The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.


I really like it, we might finally have something better than

Wow! Really nice site!
Btw I tried to register but there was another internal server error…

Thanks, we’re working through these problems. You’ve already helped by letting us know about that problem!

Just a fair warning gmail put your Email in spam

also make

home - my account - add file - browse - search - help - logout
Home - My Account - Add file - Browse - Search - Help - Logout

Also is there a image pic like we can use ? ( image hotlink )


Just a fair warning gmail put your Email in spam

Thanks for the info, we’ll probably have to revise the wording in the e-mail and the account creation page.

Yes, you can use images like

Those are the old style from around 2008, I expect we’ll be making a new design for them soon. Of course, any design suggestions are more than welcome :slight_smile:

I’d suggest removing the “by name

In “My Account” there’s a link by the same name above Account Info redirecting to the same page, I don’t know if it’s intended…

Why remove By name

don’t know actually, the whole box should be smaller.

maybe it’s just me

I can’t connect to the Steam servers right now for some reason, i’ll join the group when it’s back up.


The Activation Email was not marked as spam by Windows Live Hotmail, just to let you know.


Also, making a thread in the Art section about the hotlink image would be a good idea.

We had some internal interest in doing a new hotlink image, which I edited a bit.

This is the result:

On Thursday, we had our first Beta Tester “meeting”. A lot of good ideas were thrown around and many of them are going to be implemented soon or at a later date. Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Make it so it tests the size of the image before you upload because I just tried to upload a file then it failed cos my image was too small

We’ll be taking the image size limit down by quite a lot. 800x600 is pretty damn high.

Yea I thought that myself as well :stuck_out_tongue:

So, will this site hosts Garry’s Mod 11-current files, or just Gmod 9?

Also, I’d love to help beta test, if possible.


It does both.

What will beta testing this site entail? Is it just testing the download functionality?

Just basically using the site. The difference is Beta Testers must contact us if something doesn’t work. They’re also invited to testing discussions to bounce around new ideas.