You gotta be kidding me.

I dunno if I’d laugh or cringe at this poor excuse of a con scheme, but from the tone and style of the blurbs used in the site, I knew that it’s nothing more than a complete sham:


I know many of you would tell me to just scoff it off and let unwitting users to learn it the hard way, but I thought of having it reported as they’re basically using Garry’s own name and property to gypp the living daylights out of people. In other words, have it DMCA’d.

if you actually fall for that then you deserve those russian skiddies violently penetrating your pc

Please don’t ban this guy or cover up the link. The more kids fall for this stuff, the less get a chance to piss off the actual GMod community even more.

You haven’t thought this through really have you. If people find a link to a free version of GMod, on the forum dedicated to the actual game, and get a virus from downloading it, they will start saying that gmod is just a virus, and could damage the reputation of the game, and it’s creator.

What the fuck happens when you go to that link anyways?

Why for free, you don’t want to support this fabulous game, c’mon this game came in special often at 2.5$ wtf u guy dont tell me you cannot afford this ?!?!?

Please Remove this thread and ban the other site for piracy…

I’ve already got the internet police on the case.

Would be a great ruse if the download link was to Garry’s Mod 9.

There was never anything wrong with 9.04.
Those were the grand fucking days.

This site is pure gold. Check the blog articles for a good laugh.

By the way, if anyone is afraid to go to the website because of the hxxp, the website does not have any malware, it’s just a fake website. Check a VirusTotal here

Absolutely, but I’m sure any moron dumb enough to believe this website would think it’s the most recent one!

Good ol’ laserdance and Build a Bridge (forgot the full name), and the Tool gun being the crossbow.

Oh goody, need to complete a survey to download.

I was already wondering, why does this look so wordpress like…

That’s what the hxxp is for. I thought maybe I could bring the said site to Garry’s attention in good faith and have him do something special to it, e.g. take over the domain and make it into more of a joke of some sort.

I don’t think thats how it works
anybody stupid enough to fall for that would be ridiculed by the community at large when they start screaming ‘HUR GARYS MOD IZ VIRUS DONT BUY IT’
there is no significant threat to facepunch’s reputation to be found here

Given the new exploits within Wordpress. I’m betting (not necessarily I), but anyone could take this site down and wipe their database from existence… But that would be illegal and I’m not encouraging anyone.

(do it)

Unironicly I spended a good 2 hours looking for a way in cugh Wordpress 4.1.1cugh

You know what pisses me off, the bottom of the sites home page.
"Glad to download Gmod free ? Support us !
We really appreciate it, and if you want to donate to help us out, then please do. We are a hard working team that work on 10 other projects than this one, and could not do it without your feedback. What makes our day is when we hear that our users are happy with their experience. All money donated will be spent towards improving Gmod Free.

Why, just why.