GmodIN was a group of server owners/hosts. The group broke up a few years back, and there was a RP gamemode in the works. Sadly, it was never finished.

I am releasing it here in the hopes someone will be able to do something with it, seeing as I am pretty sure I am the only person with the gamemode currently.

As far as I am aware, I am within my rights to release this gamemode. The GmodIN group paid huntskikbutt to code it for them, so the group owns the code. As the group was broken up, and I have no idea how to contact them… and frankly I don’t see this gamemode anywhere on gmod, I am assuming it is fine. If not, the group can contact me through PM and I will take it down.

The gamemode was last updated in 2007, so it is doubtlessly broken. Enjoy.

Unzip, install the gmodin_rp folder into addons in your server. Once the server is restarted it should work. as in GmodIN. Good times.

Yeah :). Shame the group split up.

can you post some pictures or features

why dont you just look in the code

Not everyone understands Lua

It’s not a completed script , so there would be no use in posting features because it isn’t useable (according to op , i didn’t try the gamemode so i don’t know)

I did not say it was not usable, just that it was probably broken. I have not tested it since 2007 myself.

God damnit I just looked through the files and saw


Now I’m hungry :saddowns:

Creds plox

p.s. i’m still waiting on the payment and I’ll finish it

and it prob won’t work; I wrote this a long time ago before I knew how gamemodes worked in GM10 ( 2007 was a long time ago >:( )

I was only a server host in the group. Though it’s interesting, I was told they did pay you.

Your listed in the OP as the coder already and your info is in the info.txt, so your being given credit.

Can I pay you to code for me ?

Can we please not derail this thread?. PM hunts, no reason to ask here.

He was offline on steam, relax…

PM can mean either through steam, or through the facepunch PM system.

TAQUILA_rp is betta :smiley: taquila comes first