Halloween Competition - Win Amnesia: The Dark Decent!


To celebrate Halloween coming up is having their first competition!](

THEME: Halloween


  • All submitted entries must be created in Garry’s Mod.
  • Entries can be anything that utilizes Garry’s Mod. (Pictures, videos, maybe even an addon if you’re feeling creative!)
  • All entries MUST be your own.
  • Addons are allowed. This includes 3rd party maps and models.
  • Photoshop or other editing programs are allowed, however is in no way required in your entry!
  • All entries must be submitted by midnight on Halloween night (GMT).
  • Entries should be submitted in this thread, or if you want to keep your entry private (maybe you had an awesome idea you want kept secret?) unless you win PM me on Facepunch with your entry.

When the competition is over the winner and follow-ups will be announced shortly afterwards with an article featuring their entries. The winner and follow-ups will be judged selected by GMod news staff.

The winner will win Amnesia: The Dark Descent as a steam gift or a game of equal value!

Have fun and good luck!

Don’t think I have enough time or creativity to enter :smith:

What exactly are you supposed to submit?

Can we submit funny entries?


Great opportunity.

Mapping allowed?

I’m going to enter this, now to brain storm.

I’d say creative because of the costumes.


Forgetting to make jpeg quality 100 is what I do best.

ENTRIES? So I can submit more than one? Fantastic. I missed this community contest jazz.

I had posted no, but I don’t see why not as long as it still utilizes Garry’s Mod. (As in created to be a build map, or some other gamemode).

Beware of ghost!:eng101:

“I hate halloween.”

I’ll make a TF2 entry too if that is allowed.

All it needs is that it is done in Gmod!

I meant making a second entry.

What about comics?