- We Need YOUR Help

We here at Gmodnews need you talented article writers and general gmod community members who have some good stuff to write about to join us at in creating content.

We want to be the best (and slightly most official-ist) Garry’s Mod community website. The way to do that is with content, so we need some writers to come join us and write frequent, interesting articles.

Here are just some of the many perks you get from joining the team;

  • You have the power to make good mods for Garry’s Mod become popular. This goes for addons, maps and even machinima.

-You get access to a unique admin forum.

  • Have the creative freedom to write about what you want to write about*

  • Have that longer, more full erection that will have them ooing and aahing all the way home.**

*Within reason obviously
Effects not guaranteed from day 1
Here is how to apply.

Step 1. Find something to write about which hasn’t been written about before. It can be a mod, video or just something else entirely. If it is interesting and Garry’s Mod related then we want to know.

Step 2. Make your way to the submission form.

Step 3. Fill it out fully, and enter your article. Here are some things which are required.

  • Fully spell checked
  • Good grammar
  • It be an interesting read.

Just be light hearted about it but just remember to include lots of info.

Step 4. Submit it.

Step 5. Hit me up with a PM on Facepunch saying that you have submited an article and what your name is.

Step 6. If you’re good, you can join the team and have your articles posted!

Thats it, easy!

Some links just for you

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I’ve been wondering where gmodnews went. Its just that your low on writers.

Sweet, gonna reply in a few minutes.

Hey, i just added one to the submission queue, my name is Thom. Look forward to the possibility of becoming a writer on you’re site.

Might want to touch up on that a little before becoming a writer.

Thanks for the entries so far, in a couple of days we’re gonna go through them and choose a couple of people to be writers for the site.

Working on writing something now.

Does it have to be something real?

I’m not sure if I’ve PM’d you but I submitted mine, under the name Brandon.

Well, I won’t apply, but I just want to say that I enjoyed reading on the website.

I’ll scratch up something soon. I was an editor for that one community FP Review Database for the longest time, but we split up

If it’s anything like the writer recruitment drives in the past, I would assume so, yes.

Well, who did ever report that real South Park episode with the Oprah, Garry & Minge reference? For some reason, I think that was a little too coincidental, but IDK what Gmod has to do with Oprah, other then the fact I have been doing GM for awhile, and she portrayed my high school not exactly right on ABC. Otherwise, that seemed like an infamous GM moment, internet is one thing, but to be mentioned on comedy central on cable network television is another.

Who’s a news post writer nowadays? I have an article for y’all.