- 32 Slot DarkRP Custom Server!

Hello, we are
We aim to make one of the best RP servers out there. For years, I’ve been connecting servers only to find that they’re either full of idiots, empty, too restrictive or
too laggy. This is where we come in. We currently run a 32 slot RP server, yes, 32 slot running DarkRP. We’ve only just started up, however, we need YOUR help to get us going.
We will be accepting admins later, maybe for money, maybe for free. However, now that you’ve heard enough about us, hurry on to

And get playing.

Number 1 oh dear… another pay admin… my advise, don’t go down that road. Number 2 the name GmodRP is the name of a gamemode, might confuse/mislead people… And 3rdly… oh dear, ASSmod sigh no comment.

Take it as advice, i trust you’ll improve, so good luck. theres alot of competition in the world of Gmod servers, you’ll need all the luck you can get.

  1. We might do a VIP system maybe instead, I’ll have to talk to the owner.

  2. Yes, but we are called, and we clearly state that we are a community, I might add a notice on the site to say we not related to it.

  3. What should we use instead?

As most other people would say… ULX is your best option. With the one flaw that you don’t get the admin no limits command but if your coder is as good as he says, it should be no problems for him to adapt the coding.

Another benefit if you use ULX you can create a VIP admin group and add commands witch they can use e.g allow the VIP group to use noclip ect…

Yeah that wont get abused evil :rolleye:

depends on how its admined, if i get reports of any kind of admin abuse i go straight to my console logs, if a admin has abused, depending on how serious there either banished (custom admin group with no powers) or kicked off admin.

Selling admin = bad idea.
I can pay you 10$ and take over your entire box.
Secondly, your server isn’t “custom”, seeing as everyone says their shitRP server is “custom”

Oh, really?

“GmodRP”.com looks redicuously pretentious and poorly managed, great? Sure, since roleplay is defined by lack of personality and purchased domains.

Good luck, you’ll fucking need it.

Another baddie selling admin

Selling admin will get you Quality Admins. Keep up the good work.


I am probably going to stop selling admin, and have an application forum on the new forums I’m setting up.
Thankyou for all your constructive critism.

Have you edited anything with darkrp besides adding jobs and shipments?

Also, a list of addons would be nice.

Also, is this buildrp?

I hope you got a army of good admins, youre gonna need it.

Oh i almost forgot, does this actually have any sort of storyline or special setting, or is just the bland old run around get money to buy guns and kill people?