GModRP or DarkRP?

What is better GModRP or Darkrp?
discuss here sorry for my bad english

DarkRP I think.

GModRP I never really liked.

DarkRP is the bane of Garry’s Mod roleplay, and any good roleplayer will tell you the same.

Well, really, is up to you. You can never tell really what is better.

I think GmodRP is better, but DarkRP seems to be more popular and have more support.

Dark RP. Mostly because it allows more freedom then Gmod RP where you sit there and have to actually work to make something happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Good example?

In Dark RP if I shot the mayor it would start a massive ass event in the server where everyone is running around in mass chaos like what would really happen if a leader died.

Back in Gmod RP it took me an hour to actually get everyone in belief that a MB Disease had spread through out the server and you needed to stay inside your homes and let the police discontinue the victims of it.

I hold my ground on a shift table but all in all Dark RP is a more noob friendly RP and is always a good kick in the ass to begin the learning of roleplay.

They’re ridiculously different and cannot be judged together.

They can be just takes a lot of thought and effort.

They’re both RP gamemodes for gmod not designed to be very specific.

ive only ever played darkrp and i cant really compare it to much however seeing as ive been playing RP for over 6 months and have never seen it in action it must be of the lower end quality

maybe im wrong

The example cited by an above poster where the death of a leader would cause chaos is only partially correct. While everyone would lose their shit, it wouldn’t cause riots and the overthrowing of goverments. We’ve had at least 4-6 Presidents shot and look, we’re still here. Dark RP is not good RP because it allows easy access to guns and when you give a gun to a minor except some deaths. People when they play DarkRP run around with guns and kill each other. It’s a fucking clusterfuck of minors and idiots.

yea i think they both are good but i think GModRP is 30% better.

I’m guessing that 30 is a random number and you put zero thought into this

hehe true.

what so 1 gun dealer only on a server surely that’s going to stop some 1 spawning them just to chop people up

what really annoys me is when some 1 arrests/kills you
then you ask why
and they say “because im a gangster”, “because im the KKK”, “because im a cop and you’re a gangster”

i think dm’ing is not the problem of darkrp its prop blockers who cant get there own way so they prop block everyone in spawn

You’d be suprised how rare people actually do that. It happens occasionally and usually there’s some one outside who can kill the fucker and then he gets rapes by the people stuck inside.

P.S. KKK wouldn’t kill a random guy. They’re against a lot of shit. But they still aren’t people who get off on raping dogs and killing (white)people.

i was explaining what happens on a server i used to go, every 30 mins some one would block spawn

my server im going to add health to all the props this should combat most of the prop blocking of houses and make the cops job 5x easier

That’s actually a good idea. By the way. Disable the fucking tool gun for anyone who isn’t a gun dealer.

only the builder can use the toolgun on my server ad that aquires a vote

i think someone could do a Car Dealer that it is just him who can sell cars