Gmodrp reloaded

Current version of Gmodrp:


Yes here it is again gmodrp, the roleplay gamemode who brings you back to the old rp.

[li]Counter strike source
[/li][li]A nice attitude

At the moment only zips, svn will follow.




Removed water damage.
Removed O2 tank item.
Changed model icons.
Reduced pay day interval.
Fixed company system bugs.
Console commands to change GModRP settings (No more editing txt files and restarting the server)
Make set random model on spawn
Removed books(were broken, will be added again when fixed)
More player models(CSS models)
Fix Lua errros when console talking
Fish food items
Fix gmodrp MOTD


Q: What chanced?
A: In this version not to much. Just made it work again with current gmod and added some small things.

Q: You didn’t made this!
A: That is right. But its shame to let this die dont you think.

Q: How can i report bugs?
A: Currently, just leave a post. This will chance.


Dr Evil NL (AKA darth-veger)
x-x090 (AKA mr pepper)
if i forgot somebody pleas let me know


Pleas note i’m not a lua god, so dont expect something like tiramisu.
And if somebody is willing to help, then it would be greatly appreciated.

For more information you can always check the old thread:

Biggest problem of gmodrp is what there is no weapons. What’s why it’s failed. People need weapons in rp gamemode or atleast to know what they can get it by crafting/stealing/etc. But anyway good luck with this

Well there are weapons but not like. ZOMG I GOT RPG LOLOL ROFL. There are weapons like a teasers(that can kill you).

If you need weapons to RP, you’re doing it wrong.

The problem is though, Completely Passive roleplay, with no chance of a gun fight on the streets or a prison breakout, is boring. /me ing every bullet will get boring aswell, and leads to God Playing or whatever its called


Gmod RP failed because it needed a form of weapon to deal with mingebags.

Gmod RP also failed cause Slob flipped shit, and attacked Dark RP which drained 75% of his population of the bat.

It’s also extemely frustrating when every time I say “Hi” to someone, they shoot me in the head, and when I ask them why they killed me, they say “Lol I was bored.”

Then simply make weapons admin spawnable only. There. Admins on, buy a weapon from him. The way it works, is because the weapon was bought, theres an admin on to deal with him if he minges, and theres still room for real gun RP.

No. Just fricking no. You don’t give admins the ability to spawn weapons… You make a class dedicated to making weapons which take 30 minutes to 1 hour to make one gun with constant close interactions. This will make sure players don’t just be asskissers to gun dealers/admins, and the loss of a gun would be a real aggravation.

That would be called powergaming. You would make a rule to deal with people like that.

Fuck yes

I dont want to spoil the mood, but can we stay on topic and that is the gamemode.

I like how when someone says to stay on topic, the thread goes silent.

Bump. I say we make weapons quite expensive, where it would require having another job to live off of. The whole weapon-making process is mentally retarded, just simply make it so ass-wrenchingly expensive. Perhaps it isnt just the price, but something like weapon condition. The more its used, the crappier its stats. That way, after a few uses, it must be replaced.

Instead of having weapon condition, why not just make ammo expensive too?

Anyway, i would have used this on my server if i had one.

Actually, some servers, like mine, make interesting factions that intensify the roleplay a little. People may also create their own faction. As for the powergaming thing, that’s just when people who don’t know how to roleplay join the server and thinks that he/she knows how to roleplay. In the end however, the staff just ends up trying to teach them how to roleplay, and they refuse to learn.

GmodRP was actually a shitload of fun, best part was no guns. Like, for example, I played a merchant who worked at Ikea. One time, while I was out visiting my friend the radio broadcaster, some shit threw a flare into Ikea, and set everything I had on fire. I called the fire department and a guy when firefighter and came and helped. Then, we found the guy and actually went to trial. It was so fucking epic.

I tried something like that, except i was the guy with the flare, and it was’nt a flare, it was a piece of antlion shit, and it was in darkrp, and the trial part was exchanged with people shooting me.
I did not know that merchants had automatic weapons. :ohdear:

Well about, all that weapons stuff. i’m planning to put weapons in the gamemode but not in the way of guns.

Do you know what the difference between your GModRP Reloaded and Chewgum’s version ( ) is? I just wounder which one would be the most stable version for a server.