Gmodrp reloaded

Current version of Gmodrp:**



Yes here it is again gmodrp, the roleplay gamemode who brings you back to the old rp.

[li]Counter strike source[/li][li]A nice attitude[/li][/ul]




Removed water damage.
Removed O2 tank item.
Changed model icons.
Reduced pay day interval.
Fixed company system bugs.
Console commands to change GModRP settings (No more editing txt files and restarting the server)
Make set random model on spawn
Removed books(were broken, will be added again when fixed)
More player models(CSS models)
Fix Lua errros when console talking
Fish food items
Fix gmodrp MOTD


Q: What’s changed?
A: In this version not too much. I just made it work with the current version of gmod and added some small things.

Q: You didn’t make this!
A: That is correct, but it’s a shame to let this gamemode die, don’t you think?

Q: How can I report bugs?
A: Currently, just post it in this thread. This will change.


Dr Evil NL (AKA darth-veger)
x-x090 (AKA mr pepper)
if i forgot somebody pleas let me know


Pleas note i’m not a lua god, so dont expect something like tiramisu.
And if somebody is willing to help, then it would be greatly appreciated.

I just wanted to help by fixing up your FAQ:

Thanks very much, english isn’t my main language so excuse any mistakes

Mmyes, this again. The books can be fixed really easily, it’s just a matter of setting up a new webpage for it.
I could help you out with that if you wish, I could even offer some webpage hosting.

I loved this gamemode back in the day, awesome that somebody updated it!

This gamemode was cool when there wasn’t any competition, good job on trying to revive it but it needs a little bit more things added/re-done to it, like hud and not default derma menu

The simplicity of the gamemode is what I always liked. Don’t you get it? You don’t need an overly fancy looking gamemode to RP. You don’t even need a gamemode at all, you can RP just fine in sandbox if you’re serious about it.
This gamemode was great, and was better than DarkRP in a lot of ways. One thing that I think it lacks, though, is the ability to set a custom name. Granted it’s not necessary, but it adds to the RP.

Thats why if fixed it up. I’m working on it slowly, got exams. But after that expect alot of updates.
And jocken about that book thing, I would love help with the books. Only problem is I don’t have the content of the books, so i have to find it or rewrite it.

No offense, but didn’t Darth-Veger fix it up, then he decided not to continue with it and you just took over from there? Not sure what changes you’ve made since then.

True, I just re-released it this time with some small (bug)fixes. But Darth-veger is also in the credits.

Really love gmodrp its very nice simple rp

Are there any servers running this that you guys know of? I took a quick look yesterday and couldn’t find any…

How can i install this i did all the steps in read me, but all i get i base gamemode… when i run the server.

Do you use a linux server?