Gmod's HUD keeps disappearing


I don’t know why this is happening, but every now and then GMod freaks out and the hud disappears, I can switch weapons and use the Q menu but cant pause the game (esc), Also if i Press on the T or Y buttons (chat and team chat) my cursor moves a bit, The only way to close the game using task manager, what could be causing this?

don’t know but many people are experiencing this problem

This is the exact same problem I have, and I’d like help on it too.

i noticed it happens sometimes when I move a chair and try to rotate it, I press E while moving the mouse (to rotate) and that makes the hud disappear

You can try go to the console and bind cl_drawhud 1 to a key example:

This will probably help you more with the in game hud, not the menu.

Exact same problem here! It gets fixed like once in a while. I usually get it when i receive a steam message. Oh, and cl_drawhud 1 doesn’t work for me :confused:

then do cl_drawhud 0 then cl_drawhud 1 and it should work. It happened to me a few times too.

happens to me aswell.

I have this problem as well but i just open and close the commands menu and it comes back. but its wicked annoying

i was having this issue its an issue in gmod this is what i did… it seems to happen when i was going in the console or using the options so when the HUD is missing just re hit ESC 2 times and it comes back :slight_smile:

That sometimes works, Sometimes you can’t fix it no matter what you do, Its why i created this thread

Please fix this garry it’s driving me around the bend!