Gmod's multiplayer tab is glitched in the options menu.

Grr! Stupid Opera crashed after I had typed in my problem! :C

Okay… So I had decided to change my spray since my spray had not really been used in a while and I come to find out that my gmod menu is f*cked up. It is where the only option visible is the menu is to set the server downloads to either Full, Full without Sound, and None. The problem is that the selection area is glitched to the top left of the menu and that causes the rest of the options to not be there… very annoyed of that! I have seen other FEW people complain about the same problem on the Steam Game Hub of Gmod and the chats about it lead to no resolution… (or none that has been stated.)
If anyone knows how to fix the problem… I will thank you a bunch!

Btw, these are on the FIRST PAGE

Alright… I do apologize… if you know how to fix it… let me know (by PM)… I will lock this thread if I am able to… Again… Sorry.


I HAVE FOUND THE FIX FOR THIS WOOHOO PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO OTHERS theres like 6 posts about this issue i have fixed it !!!

just download TF2 lol IM SERIOUS

i downloaded tf2 lastnight and in its OPTIONS is a MULTIPLAYER tab so i clicked it the similar spray thing and advanced and the cros hairs thing is in it… so i said to my self… self… go look in gmod… so i opened gmod and OMG IT WAS FIXED WOOHOO !!! i dont know how to find the others with this same problem but if someone could pass it on that would be cool :slight_smile: PEACE merry christmas and happy new year :slight_smile: