Gmod's phsyics really suck

Has anyone else noticed this? If you place a sealed container into water, it is automatically water logged, leaving you unable to build any under water rooms. If you use the wheel tool and place a fan onto an object, that fan provides zero propulsion against the air.

Even placed in water the fan doesn’t do anything of use, it leaves me wondering why put them in? Fans make terrible wheels. On a related subject, thrusters. They provide no backlash or force output from the flames, should you stand behind them. Yet they are perfectly able to blast heavy objects around the map.

Feel free to add your own pet hates with the physics in Gmod.

Source engine/Havok.

If the engine was to have water physics, your computer most probably wouldn’t be able to run it.
Same goes for the fan.
And for thrusters, they really weren’t made for anything but small objects. (Like gascanisters.)

You’re asking for a bit much there. We’re still in the 21st century.

Added some stuff.

No such thing as “GMOD PHYSICS”.

I agree somethings are annoying.

You just have to know it’s the Source Engine and Water Physics will mean people would have to buy super high-end PCs to play.

Which valve does not want to make such a jump so quickly.

Even though mastering water physics would take years.

They were the shit back in the day.

Just wait 300 years, then make this post again

I remember when they were “AMAZING GRAPHICS OMGWTFBBQ” graphics.

  1. Get wiremod
  2. Get gcombat
  3. Place a thruster on your obect and weld it. (seriously)
  4. Using gcombat, place a flame thrower on the thruster, and well it to both the object and the thruster for stability.

Hey presto, instant back wash!

If you lurk some more, you’ll find addons for most of the other stuff there. Except for water, as that would require re-writing the source engine. Remember, gmod is a mod. It’s not a new game in its own right. Half-life 2 was made, what, half a deacde or more ago? No computers had the processing capability for true water physics then.

You speak like computers can process true water physics now.

If i’m not mistaken Source wasn’t designed for water works, it was programmed enough to show realistic water but other than that it was deemed unnecessary. It would be cool to have some kind of water physics outside of low gravity within.

The first ever game to have what appears to be real water physics is Hydrophobia, and that’s coming out later this year. But we still don’t know if it’s truly real water or just a dynamic surface flow.

There’s fin tool and propeller tool for the fan.

They only emulate air dynamic though. If you wanted to get air physics in the game properly, it could almost be as laggy, if not worse than water physics.

most of my arguments have been said, but get the dam propeller sent and attatch THAT to a wheel… hey presto! a helicopter!

oh and i remember someone mentioning a type of thruster that did have backwash, just can’t remember where i saw it :confused:

the other thing u hav to keep in mind is that wen valve made the source engine i dont think they had putting massive fans underwater or biulding giant thrusters in a third party mod/game on there mind of wat it would be used for


u speak like they can’t

u typ liek a moran.

Also, Source uses a physics engine that is FIVE FUCKING YEARS OLD. What do you expect!?

Great post, Now someone make a ‘‘Gary plz mak a new gmod on a other engine’’ And I will laugh all day long