- A new site dedicated to teaching Garry's Mod

Hey everyone,

tas here, the founder of Nocturnal Gaming. For a while, we’ve been playing around with the idea of making a tutoring/instruction site for gmod. We made a sub-forum for it on our main forum and people have been slowly adding stuff to it for the past few weeks.

We have just bought and have moved the posts over there. If you would like to give your expertise, or if you would like to learn how to build better, check out the site.


It’s a nice idea, good luck with it.

I remember someone had this idea a few years ago. They had their on server and custom map all based around teaching stuff. Mostly wiremod though…

JSharpe set it up, or at least I think that’s what his name was.

@Uber: Thank you.

@Pie: Yea, I tried contacting the guy who started it. His steam account says he was banned, and he hasn’t been on FP for a long time either. Anyhoo…

I recall their was a GmodEducation server ,but admins kept bailing ,and noobs got pissy about that ,and began raging on it. :C

We want to focus more on the content of the site rather than host servers for it. Users from my clan already have access servers, and most people like to use their favorite server.

We don’t want to steal members from other servers.

Not a bad idea in theory.
It would help also if you can organise collaborations on building projects.

Just spit-balling…

It really needs more members to get kick started anyways i joined would anyone else think about joining trying to contribute

Nice! You already put it on the Gmod Wiki!?!?!?!?

Added a video tutorial on how to make an SVN

Nice, hope you keep it as organized as it is right now.

Good point noz i’d like to say on behalf of would any care if they have a server put a notice up on there server showing people the link and whats it about

Does it include teaching lua?

As long as you don’t just copy/paste all the tutorials on the Wiki I’ll be happy.

Lua hmmm i don’t know not at the moment

I could use a private tutor for wiremod.
I understand electronics fine, but wiremod logics & gates confuses the shit out of me :saddowns:

Yes, we plan on keeping it meticulously organized. If you can’t find something, there’s no use looking.

Also, a LUA and coding section would be an awesome idea. I’m also looking for moderators to keep the site organized. We only need a few now, but we will need more as the site progresses. If everyone could pass the message about the site to at least 2 other people, it should have a large impact on members.


The theme was updated earlier and as a result, no one could join this afternoon. Sorry about this!

Thanks to OrangeApple for the heads-up!

Joined the Steam group. If you need help with wire, lua or any other sort of scripting. Give me a shout. Username on steam is Matt54.

What happened to GMOD College or University?

Abit off topic but, which server series you using from LSN?