Gmodstore addon with drm problem

Hello gays

I bought two addons with drm module, the hosting has created mod manager through which I can only install modules. After adding addons on the server and restarting it causes auto-restart so I can not run the server

as you can fix it??

Create a support ticket with the addons on the website.

Remove DRM.

Ah you’ve come across “Securegmod” a fucking annoying DRM system which restarts your server for no fucking reason, also shuts down your server if DRM fails. How exciting when this happens when you’re not online.

Most likely, you will need to re-download a fresh version off gmod store and install that. I’ve noticed some addons have a unique ID that is attached to a specific IP and Port. So if you run two servers from the same folder, the DRM will fail because it picks up a different Port.

Nothing quite like DRM pissing off people who actually paid for a product rather than people who leaked/stolen the content.

If you have any problems, you can notify me of them. I see you’ve added me on Steam as well.

The restart and shut down procedures are going to be changing next update to just change the map/restart the server. It wasn’t like this before a recent change. Sorry about that.

It’s almost guaranteed to have weird problems with addons if you run two servers from one directory (which has sqlite, lua, addons, etc. shared). Currently there is no way SecureGMod can support this setup.

Yes, if the message above the error says:

SecureGMod for product xx has failed. Please include this text when reporting.
This copy of the script has been bound to another IP.

then it does mean it was bound to another server’s IP that is yours.

There may be a new bug that just started recently where you download the script twice, then put on two servers and start them, that the first one to start will be the only one that works. I’m investigating it now.

Sorry the DRM is upsetting you. I’m actively trying to make it as good as possible to support all configurations and setups as well as fixing any problems in our infrastructure.

I’ve accepted you on Steam if you need any more support.