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(User was banned for this post (""first"/meme reply" - NiandraLades))


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Ayyyy we hit 5k

I bet matt was refreshing the page constantly so he could create this thread first

fucking fast

Since this is the third thread, are we going to have Script Fodder v3?

Of course! Gotta get ready for Garry’s Mod 16!

neth told me on steam, sry i don’t like u guys that much

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maybe for gmod 2

Wow, aren’t you smart. Not reading absolutely anything I previously said and all. Let me make this simple for you, so you can’t possibly misread and claim something stupid.

  1. I have already explained why it’s better on the previous page. If you for some reason think I’m lying, compare them yourself. If you wont do that because you’re scared I’m right, your argument is invalid.

  2. Because someone is a better coder means my argument is void? Okay.

  3. I have never, repeat, never claimed 100% of it was created by me.

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Right after Half-Life 3, right? :v:

Yes! Now I dont have to click that extra page button lmao.

Why do I have to look at the code? It’s not even yours lol. Hence why I say, I doubt you understand what makes your “addon” better than Crap-Head’s.

And you saying you worked on your addon harder than Crap-Head’s. Funny guy, all you did was edit code and claim it yours, you’re a hard working man. Here’s a medal, now go show off that you’ve made an addon that you have no idea how it works.

I’ve explained exactly what makes it better, and you’re still saying I have no idea. If you weren’t so lazy and took a look at it yourself, you’d see that. Until then, you have literally no valid argument. There is no doubt in my mind that I didn’t make all of it myself, but you’re still somehow using that as an excuse to say it’s bad. It doesn’t matter if a damn gorilla made it, that does not at all affect if it’s functionally superior or not to a different one.

Again, if you missed the first sentence, I explained in the last thread exactly what makes it better than his. How could I explain something I don’t understand?

And the shitstorm continues…

Dramafodder - Now with cross thread functionality

lets be real that’s the only reason people view this thread

I love waking up and seeing +50 new posts, I know something good is going down.

Can you two take this shit to Steam? I want some good drama. This is not quality.

Not sure if you noticed, but you’re arguing on which script is shittier

Can devs get a way to moderate their comments (not reviews)?

Sorry for reposting this here, but I don’t get any response in previous thread…