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OpenSource: GNU Public License

Quick video (Old gui in video, same results)

Video shows

  • Installing SVN Addons with a single click
  • Installing multiple addons at the same time
  • Custom SVN Checkout (Adding your own links to database)


Program Details:

Program uses SikiSVN command line exe. You do not need toirtoise installed, just extract the rar to c:\GmodSVN and off you go. C:\GmodSVN is a static folder, do NOT change it as I was lazy and set cfg.ini to G:\GmodSVN\cfg.ini. It remembers revisions and updates current instilations just like all SVN programs.

Thinks to Note:

  1. Anyone found abusing SVN Database will be IP banned.
  2. If you think it’s a virus please feel free to check it out, posts flaming, trolls etc are not welcome
  3. Support @ pantho[at]
  4. Beta - Yep, Beta. That means bugs to squash.
  5. As always I’m not responsible for anything that goes wrong from running this.

Login Screen - Can skip login. Login is purly for add your own SVN links.

Ability to edit existing SVN Links (Only ones you have added)

Ability to add links inside program (Need to make an account first)

Pantho for creation -
PowerHouse for Ideas -
SlikSubversion for EXE/DLL files -

Wow, looks good; what did you code it in?
and it looks like you have to find the svn yourself for most of them? or do these uploads apply universally? If the do apply universally don’t you think people will get lots of spam and fake svns? Or even fake addons that are really virus? It looks like tortoise svn dulled down with less commands, but it does have memory thats kinda cool. I hope poeple don’t shout Virus at you like they did us.
Also, you don’t plan to release the source at all do you? Just wondering.
What do you mean by “SilkSVN command line exe” Does this alow people to download software as part of your program you did not make? Is the original licencing included if the original SilkSVN software required it to be?

Sorry for all the questioning, its not hate mail though. Hardly even criticism. I’m sure somebody would have asked these questions eventually though.

UM… “started it this evening chatting to PowerHouse” no… you didn’t…

This is just ignorant, Power never said you should make a gui version… he said that he was thinking about the idea, but not for someone else to make.

“PowerHouse tested an old version.” you say this like you made it… PowerHouse MADE the old version…

Power did not release the code for a reason, so that pricks like you wouldn’t go and try to make it better, but nooo gota be persistent, and do it anyways.

its just rude…

Awe common man, i just spen 10 minuets doing my best to be nice to the guy. I was a little angry to to see out work be exploited and/or redone by somene else, but he has the right to build his own svn program if he wants to, It dosen’t look that bad even; although he did say it spits out a buch of errors sometimes. Corection

wow TheOnlyFool. He tested the first version of THIS SVN…

Powerhouse did give me the idea for the program yes. He is in the credits of readme.txt for such a reason.
I honestly did start it about 1am while I was chating to PowerHouse. He never told me to create a gui version, and I understand it’s not exactly polite of me but the main reason I created this was to install SVN Addons without ToirtoiseSVN.

And yea, the SVN database is universal. It’s pretty simple for me to disable it at any time, or even delete all addons insert by x ip, or at x time etc etc. But if it is abused I’ll start forcing people to register to use SVN update.


No the website spits out a page of errors when you submit SVN information. I just can’t edit the php.ini to supress them at the moment. Although I am sure the program will serve up it’s own errors in due course.

Appears I forgot to attatch the readme, woops


Usage: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. Open GmodSVN.exe
2. Set Gmod Directory
3. File-> Save Settings
4. Select SVN Addon to install
5. Click Install

Notes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Application must be installed in C:/GmodSVN/
Credits: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-Pantho - Creator
-SilkSVN for command line SVN application
-PowerHouse - Inspiration, Beta Tester & Idea bouncing

Alright taht was one of my concearns, hopefully you dont get too much of that; but you might not know untill ten to twenty people coem knockin on your door saying ‘your program gave me a virus’; id be sure to make it verry clean than anny addons they get are not your responcibility. You migth want to consider a feature of voteing abbout is an svn is good or not so people can see if its real or not.

Lol You migth want to ensure you don’t not forget that.
Also one might state teh claim that if somebody uses there default gmod directory a simple string analyser could return there steam name. So now its been said, You Don’t Need To Say It Again Any Future Troll’s

Yea but I want people to be able to use it as a quick and clean way to install SVN files. I’ll enable user protection after a day or so, want it to show off first lol.

I do need a hand though, I want a 64bit version but cannot find the 64bit binaries.

Could someone install x64 and send me the C:/program files/FilkSVN folder zipped please?

Meh… I guess it was bound to happen, at least you gave PowerHouse sufficient credit for the original idea.

Update: V0.02

  • Login now required to add to global Addon DB.
  • Personal SVN Links - Addons you add to personal will not be shown to other users.
  • Ability to Edit/Delete Personal SVN Links

Remade first post and included new features (Remember this is a first beta release so forgive any graphical errors and please report them).

I still need someone to send me the 64bit SlikSVN files so I can post a x64 version.

Anyone actually tried this yet, I’m want review/issue reports lol. btw anyway to edit a upload on Be abit annoying if I have to delete it every revision.

@ TheOnlyFool thanks. The idea wasn’t to jump over PowerHouses head or anything. I was actually just making it for the hell of it, not even to release. But decided I liked it, sooo …

Just wait till you have someone using proxies to register for an account, and submit a fake SVN filled with porn or some shit. It would be better if you just asked for SVNs to add, then you put that in the global list.

Well, I’m kinda hoping until during that until this time arrives I can rely on a usefull community to install Addons they think would benefit users. When it happens I’ll disable the ability for normal users to upload global addons.

Anyway, it’s buggy still but I’ll fix it up some more tomorrow but for now I can’t see why I shouldn’t do this…

Source released:

I hate releasing source for my programs, as my code is so sloppy and I’m sure someone will post things like “Lol why did you use xx objects on 1 form instead of multiform”… Well, because I wanted to. I’ve done multiple form programs before and felt like doing a single form application this time.

Used by sooo many people huh…


Oh well, was fun making it anyway.


Why was it removed from :frowning: