"GModtasia" concept

Alright, so I’m just throwing this concept out here. If someone else wants to get it, do it. I just want to share it.

Now, around 2 weeks ago I sat down with some friends and watched the original Fantasia movie, followed by Fantasia 2000. And both are masterpieces, dare I say, but I kinda asked myself- how would this translate into, perhaps, a GMod Machinima. So for the last weeks I have been writing down sequence ideas, all based on the original sequences. During these weeks, lots of ideas have been throwed around by me. I mostly took sequences from Fantasia 2000, but I added some from Fantasia too. The main idea was to transform these sequences into versions of them featuring Valve characters. Some of the ideas included an Arabian Dance with Scouts, but that was later replaced with a parody of Firebird called “Firetank”.

And… I think I came up with a pretty good list. So I want to share it with you guys. Here it comes:

  • Sawmill no.5

Parody of Symphony no.5, opening sequence from Fantasia 2000. While the original shows a world where butterflies live, this one is supposed to depict a match in a Sawmill. The sequence starts with the BLU team enjoying their day at Sawmill, until the RED team invades and chaos ensues. The BLU team then counter attacks, eliminating the RED team. It’s supposed to be an introduction to the “movie”. The sequence ends as the RED team is destroyed, and light finally invades Sawmill. Starts the Team Fortress 2 block.

  • Engies of Rome
    Parody of Pines of Rome. A sudden lag spike allows the Engies of 2fort to fly to other TF2 maps that they had never seen. The sequence begins with Engies working on defending their fort, but soon they discover that they are not stuck to turtling on the Intel base. A little Engie plays with the Scouts, but they attempt to attack him. He escapes into a secret base and continues his journey. It ends with the Engies ascending to the sky.

  • Heavy in Bald Mountain
    Parody of Night in Bald Mountain. The famous sequence from Fantasia re-appears as Heavy is casted as Chernabog. In this sequence, Heavy performs all the actions that Chernabog performed in the original sequence- however, instead of ghosts, they are the opposite team. Bald Mountain is actually a mountain that can be seen on the background of Hydro. It ends with the morning scaring Heavy away (since the second half of the sequence, Ave Maria, isn’t portrayed here.) Ends the Team Fortress 2 block.

  • City 17 in Blue
    Parody of Rhapsody in Blue. As soon as I saw that this sequence had a city as a scenario, I knew it was supposed to be parodied with City 17. The problem here was adapting the characters. The first one is Doug, a citizen who dreams of joining the resistance. The second one is Robin, a citizen who just lost his job as a CP and thinks that he has no future. The third one is Kim, a woman who notices that her life is being controlled by the Combine and wants to go back to her simple country life with her parents. And the last one is Gabe, another citizen who just wants to break free from the control of the Combine. All of the four notice that this day in City 17 might be different, as their dreams slowly come true (Quick tip: the names are all based on Valve employees). Starts the Half Life 2 block.

  • "Canals Concerto No. 1/7 Freemegro or The Canalscracker"
    Parody of the Piano Concerto No. 2/1 Allegro sequence and the Nutcracker story. Depicts the story of a male citizen who tries to ask a female citizen out in a date, but notices that an enemy Civil Protection officer has the same plans. The citizen gets sent to the canals, and almost dies, but at the end, defeats the unit and gets his love (the name 1/7 is a reference to City 17, and Freemegro, to Freeman.)

  • "Carnival of the Combines (Le Carnaval des Combines), Finale"
    Parody of Carnival of the Animals (Le Carnaval des Animauz), Finale. Depicts the story of a Civil Protection unit who dares to be different in a training with some fellow Combine Soldiers. As he tries to play with his old yoyo, he soon overcomes his serious training partners and at the end, manages to have fun. Ends the Half Life 2 block.

  • "The Veteran’s Apprentice"
    Parody of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, the most famous sequence from the first Fantasia. This time, instead of Mickey Mouse, we have Francis, who is Bill’s young apprentice. He wants to try and practice the ways of “veteran magic”, and as he gets his master’s hat, he soon brings Pipe Bombs, Adrenalines and Bile Bombs to life, to do his work for him. However, danger ensues as he discovers he can’t stop them, no matter what he does. The sequence ends with Bill stopping the madness and Francis getting back to work. Starts the Left 4 Dead block.

  • "Pills and Circumstance Marches 1-4"
    Parody of Pomp and Circumstance Marches 1-4. Instead of Donald Duck, we now have Louis and Rochelle as Noah’s helpers. This time, Noah is gathering all of the most famous “ragdolls” to escape the impending Zombie apocalypse. Louis attempts to help him, but only finds himself causing more trouble, and thinking that he lost his one true love (who is actually on the same boat as him). The sequence ends with Louis and Rochelle finally re-uniting at a Zombie free world.

Parody of Firebird Suite - 1919 Version. This one depicts the story of the Spirit of Survival (portrayed by Zoey), the responsible for reviving the dead survivors. However, one time she wanders off into far where she usually stays, and accidentally sets a Tank on fire. The Tank destroys the entire city and the Spirit of Survival herself. However, Ellis, her buddy, finds the Spirit of Survival almost dead, and a city with almost no survivors. Ends with the Spirit of Survival, with some help from Ellis, reviving not only the city and the survivors, but herself. Ends the Left 4 Dead block.

So basically, they are some ideas I wanted to share. I started writing a script for each sequence, and maybe I’ll even attempt to draw a storyboard for them. For now, I just want to know what do you guys think.

Good sir, this is indeed a tall order you’ve envisioned. It’d probably take many months, if not years, to make this massive machinima reproduction of Fantasia. But if you can keep at it, and keep on working hard at this gargantuan project, this could have an impact on the machinima scene akin to that of War of the Servers when it first arrived.

Exactly the first problem.
This is why I choosed most of the sequences from Fantasia 2000. They are faster, quicker, slicker and more cleaner. If I were to reproduce a sequence from Fantasia, let’s say, Rite of Spring, I would have to learn modelling, animation, and more. Some sequence, like, perhaps the Carnival of the Combines sequence, could be recreated with stop motion.


And the style of production that they used for Fantasia 2000 could also be applied. They had teams, and each team worked on different sequences.

-Added to OP.-

… Anyone?

OH I’d love to help, but I can’t film/screensnap worth dookie.

Just posting here makes me happy.

I’d change the title to simply “GTasia”

The first title was Valvetasia.
Then it was Fantasia - a GMod Spectacular.
Then GMTasia 2000.
And then GModtasia.
I think GTasia is better.
But GModtasia is more full-fleshed, I guess.

Added Pills and Circumstance opening script.

Also, I am sad how 370 people read the thread, but only 3 posted.

Because there is not much to say. Sort of nearly impossible. The TF2 block might be easier with SFM and greenscreen.

Just a question, I require TF2 to obtain SFM, correct?

SFM is obtained through, well, ehrm, really baddy ways.


Writing the script for Sawmill no.5.