GmodVania - A CastleVania remake made in Garry's Mod

Well, I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks, and I won’t be able to post it later today (due to my wisdom teeth extraction appointment is today); here is the spawn of my playing the early CastleVania games (1-4)! This was actually a scenebuild (my first scenebuild ever infact) on Flatgrass, so I hope you like how the build came out. I tried to make the scene look like it was night (I think I failed). The CastleVania hud was done by hand, so I hope that came out nice as well. And since there is no whip model to be found, which is Simon’s weapon of choice, I made the character use the Holy Water weapon.

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C&C please!

I loled. Good job.

Thanks pal :slight_smile:

Awesome background to it.

He needs a whip! Its still awesome any way.

That looks nice!

I need to play Castlevania now, this picture has reminded me of some really good old times.

Whoa, I didnt expected you to add the stats and everything! Great attention to details mate!
Looks great, and the posing is nice.

Good work man!

Bombs away!

Haha, not bad. Everything kinda blends into each other though.

What tree models are those?

They are in the Left 4 Dead 2 complete model pack.

Thanks for all of the comments so far everyone! Please, keep them coming!

Oh wow, this looks awesome. All we need now is a Vampire Killer model, although you could probably do that easily by taking a stunstick model and a stickybomb model, then connecting the two with the rope model, and make the stickybomb look like a mace-tip. After all, that’s kinda what the whip looked like in some of the Castlevanias.

<— CV nerd here.

Also, perhaps one of the next GmodVania poses could be the Holy Cross Item Crash? (or Hydro Storm, whichever tickles your fancy)

I never thought of that! If I do another one like this I’ll be sure to use your advice!

I’m not very sure what you are talking about (the four sided boomerang perhaps?). Give me a link to what it is and I will add it to the next one :slight_smile:

Holy water… AWAY!
The axeman is awesome. Have an arty you clever punk.

Why thank you you clever city in Nevada :buddy: