I have a idea for new mod. There will be five classes Soldier, General, Medic, Engineer and Organic Matter. Soldier is standard assault have Gun, Plasma Weapon (it shoot very fast but missles is slow), Standard Granade (Shoots granades), Mine, Air Mine (its a Mine but can fly and explodes when enemy touch it). When someone is near general have more speed and more damage. He have Gun, Granade, Phantom Granade (Shoots granades without collision), Spam Granades (Shoots multiple Granades). Medic have Gun, Healing (Its heal ally and can cause a damage for enemy). Engineer have Gun, Turret build, Laser Turrets, Turret repair, Granades. Organic Matter will be very hard class. You can fly but very very slow, this class can have shotgun based Meat shooter with poison. You can train there headcrabs for meat (meat is ammount of ammunition Meat Shooter). Meat can you collect with killing enemies or sacrifacing your allies.
It’s list of hp and armor:
Soldier HP: 75/75 Armor: 30/30
General HP: 100/100 Armor: 35/35 Auras
Medic HP: 50/50 Armor 25/25 Health regen 1 per second
Engineer HP: 75/75 Armor: 30/30 Turrets
Organic Matter HP: 500/500 Armor: Don’t have Training headcrabs
PS: Organic Matter soldier’s has following it, and Organic Matter can’t fly up more than 500.
PS2: Sorry for my english ;).
PS3: Normal mine exploding only when is moving and you can destroy it, air mine nope.
PS4: Aww i forgot… You can make lvl system and shop with new weapons :P.

No one is going to make this extremely generic class based shooter idea for you.

drop the mod and lower case the g. And its a classic gamemode.