GMopd update gone wrong

I got a message from Steam that once I restart steam my Garrys Mod will be updated. So I restarted steam, and now Im missing a ton of textures. Its not server side because my friends can see them fine.

Is there a way to manually update GMod? a way to make sure it goes through?

Tried re-installing? That fixes these kinds of things 99.9% of the time. Just keep your addons and maps and you’ll be okay.

Well I guess… I just didnt want to go through the hassle. Was hoping someone had a good idea on it.

I am having this issue too.

Hello Guys,

I’ve seen this issue before. It was caused by Garry’s Mod deselecting (and therefor not loading) the content anymore. Start Garry’s Mod and click on Extensions in the main menu.

Ensure every tickbox got a tick. Most important should be CS:S.