Gmosh(ui) gma/workshop/addon powertool

Alright, down with the old thread containing only a cli tool. I made a thing, and this thing will make you developers happy.

GMosh and GMoshUI.
Two programs doing the same thing in a different way. One is for people who like using the terminal (Linux/OSX folks):

The other is a super cool new gui:[/t] - [t][/t] - [t][/t][t]


  • Create/View/Extract GMA files
  • Open/extract individual files from the GMA file. Useful as fuck if you want to know about just one file. (gmoshui only)
  • Publish addons to the workshop. It even saves your recent addons. Updating your workshop addon is at most two clicks away, or one command if you use the cli.
  • Browse your Lua cache files
  • Download workshop addons, because Fuck subscribing and then starting gmod.
  • Works on Linux AND Windows, with OSX support coming somewhat soonish I guess.

Download: (and source)
Windows and Linux:

nice job

Looks amazing!

I could have done with this last night.

I wish I had this a few months ago, great job!

This shit is fucking metal.

Wait, does Garry’s Mod work on OSX? I’m surprised any source engine games can run on a mac… I’m surprised ANYTHING can run on a mac… I’m, actually, 100% serious here. I don’t feel like it’s worth it to make it OSX compatible. That may be 50% related to my bias against the mac, but the other 50% is about the literal lack of power of a mac anyway.

Ok, I’m dumb here, but… is Garry’s Mod ACTUALLY able to run on a mac?!

Yeah at like 100-200 fps too (desktop).

At minimum graphics though I’m sure

No, “recommended” (default) settings are high too.

Macs have decent Intel processors. Macs have decent graphics cards. Why shouldn’t they run games like gmod or be able to run games like gmod?

Here’s a macbook air running gmod at ~40-60 fps.

I’m actually thinking this tool might be very useful for people running OSX and Linux specifically, because cross platform support is poor in other tools. Currently Linux and Windows get most of the love because I don’t have an OSX device.

That preview doesn’t show anything except a lack of anti-aliasing, a lack of anisotropic filtering, and very odd shading on the Gravity Gun / Physgun…

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I’d like to see how the models look… like props, not first person weapons which obviously have… very unique shading.

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Actually I’m not sure I’m right about the anisotropic filtering, I don’t have a good eye for that. I NEVER see the game on anything but all the highest settings
[sp]and for what its worth, I have 16 GB of RAM a single 8 core i7 CPU at 3.40 GHz (each core?), but I really should switch to an NVidea card…[/sp]

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Interesting, must be the newest macs, cus the macs I remember were shit for anything 3D… I remember seeing Halo CE on a mac, and it looked SO MUCH WORSE than on PC… and that’s a lite game!

What the shit are you actually doing? Mac OS can run GMod, along with a number of other games, especially those on Source. And it can run them pretty fine depending on the model of Mac you are using (almost exactly like a PC…huh funny that). A desktop Mac can easily have a dedicated GPU, the laptops usually use the Intel embedded GPU that, while not the best, is pretty capable for an on-die GPU.

Yes, there is a reason for this tool to exist on Mac. I don’t particularly like Macs or OS X myself, but I don’t let that dislike ruin shit for others when I have no reason to. Stop being such a damn baby about computers.

I run my game at max settings and it runs perfectly. No stutters, no graphics tears, and rarely ever any crashes that aren’t my fault.

Macs aren’t as good as custom built PCs, but they’re not as horrible as people claim (though the only reason I have a Mac myself is because I’m a sound design student).

Hmm… well I still have one grudge against the mac… as far as I know, you can’t change the hardware, or at the least the options are limited

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Also I feel like I may have derailed this thread xD so this is my last comment, maybe one more at most…

Realtalk, you sound like someone that hates macs just because they aren’t PCs. It doesn’t sound like you’ve ever even operated one.

I have operated a mac before. A couple of times, but only for school. In highschool people would find ways around the censors to play games… like Halo CE… and again, for a game with bad graphics, it was 100x worse!

Also, you know you can re-rate me after refreshing the page, right? You have plenty of opportunity to rate me dumb.

Mac is good for Adobe stuff, I know that much. Flash games are nice on a Mac :smile: but I’ve never before seen a Mac play anything that requires DX8+ …

Nope. No different to Windows for the last two decades at least. The only advantage is having a decent monitor from the get go. Adobe products stopped being shittier on Windows when Mac dropped PowerPC processors.

And of course you’d never see anything that requires DX8, there’s not DirectX at all on OS X!

I wouldn’t really judge the quality of an entire line of computers on those used in a high school, they were probably severely outdated when they were “new” to the school.

bah… the graphics still suck, I couldn’t live without antialiasing XD and I don’t know what shaders are missing, but I’m sure some are.
But I’ll stop with this… yeah the only reason I said mac was great with adobe was their screens… although that’s all in the monitor, unless that’s why the gravity gun looks dark as hell… pretty sure if you hook up that screen to anything, PC, TV, etc, it’ll look nicer.

In the end, though, I believe Linux is better than all… even though I have Windows. My main point, however, was that I don’t think this should be made Mac compatible. I still believe the Mac is the shittiest system to play the game on, but mainly cus graphics mean a lot to me. I guess I’ve had a change of heart about 5 seconds ago… by not having compatibility with the Mac, that would be discrimination… wait, what am I saying? I am discriminating against the Mac… oh well, do what you will. I want to close this tab in my browser already so I’m done with the argument.

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Although if someone can show me a pic on the mac of Garry’s Mod with AntiAliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, Motion Blur, full HDR, etc… with the framerate overlain too… and also demonstrate how well all the shaders draw, maybe then I’ll have a real change of heart… maybe…
Vanilla Mac, not modded and or hacked and whatnot just to get those graphics… and not photo shopped…

(by motion blur I mean VALVE’s motion blur, not the GMOD post processing effect)