Gmow v3 help please

Hey yeah im pretty good with Gmod but some things are a little confusing and ive followed all the steps for this addon but it wont work at all. Please help me im not a noob really im not just some one help me out here.


So you are asking how to install it?

Drop in it the addon folder(:

Its in steam-steamapps-yourname-garrysmod-garrysmod-addons


Who said he meant noob for Facepunch?
Might just be GMod, but whatever.
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For OP, download this and this.

Extract both somewhere, merge them (Drag the contents of the first folder onto the second folder), go to your Steam install directory, find Steammaps, then find whatever your Steam name is, then Garrysmod, Garrysmod, and then addons. Put the merged folder in there.


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