GMPS - G Mod Pro Skater

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This gamemode is pretty much a Tony Hawks game, but better. It uses the hoverboard_v2 (by Jinto and Foszor) which was modded to fit this gamemode. This gamemode derives from the Base gamemode and not sandbox to avoid as much lag as possible. Here’s a list of features this gamemode has.
[li]Points System - Yes, this has a sweet points system. Every time you perform a trick or grind, you are rewarded a certain amount of points depending on the trick. This combo system is quite neat too. If you are doing multiple tricks at once, you receive what the tricks are added together. If you fall off your board, 500 points are deducted. When you disconnect, all of your points are stored to the server. Always remember to press f3 once in a while to save your points incase of a crash.
[/li][li]Ranking System - The ranking system is what makes this gamemode kick ass. The higher the points you get, the better your rank is. This is a list of every rank and points needed.
[li]Person - This is how you start out.
[/li] [li]Dude - 10000
[/li] [li]Skater - 50000
[/li] [li]Neighborhood Skater - 150000
[/li] [li]Popular Skater - 250000
[/li] [li]Sponsored Skater - 500000
[/li] [li]Known Skater - 750000
[/li] [li]Touring Skater - 1 million
[/li] [li]Famous Skater - 1.5 Million
[/li] [li]Pro Skater - 2.5 Million
[/li] [li]Beat The Fuckin Game - 5 Million
[/li] [li]I Have No Life Or Friends - 10 Million
[/li] [li]Police - Ranking for admins
Every rank has it’s own player model too. Ranks are updated very often.
[li]Unlockables - Every time you move up a rank, you unlock a new board. I’m not going to say what boards you unlock because you need to find out yourself. :wink: Or just look at the code.
[/li][li]Map - This gamemode runs off of the 3 the best map ever made for a hoverboard. This gamemode has it’s own map rotation script. What ever hour you set in the config is when a new map will be loaded. The main map (gm_hs_hoverskate_v7) is extremely large and full of all types of skateboarding stuff. This map was originaly a shitty map off of FPSbanana and my friends Squint and Itchyflakes helped me out to make this map kick ass. These maps can be downloaded from the content pack or the gamemode.
[/li][li]Board Selection Menu
[/li][li]Admin Menu
[/li][li]Simple Help Information
[/li][li]AFK Kicker - So slots are always open.
[/li][li]Admin Privileges - Admins can use noclip and are given a physgun.

F Controls
[li]F1 - A panel pops up showing the giant picture above you.
[/li][li]F2 - A vgui panel pops up that will allow you to choose from the hoverboards you have unlocked.
[/li][li]F3 - Kills yourself, removes your board, and saves points.
[/li][li]F4 - An admin panel pops up that will allow you kick and ban. I put this in so there is no need for an admin mod. A large amount of hoverboards will create much lag and I’m trying to reduce the most amount of lag I can.


:siren:Click on the image to see the video.:siren:

Hoverskate Tutorial:

Hoverskate Gameplay:


Board Selection Panel:

Admin Menu:

I have that permaban ready for Spacetech. :slight_smile:





Content Pack:
Only download if you are a client joining a hoverskate server.

The gamemode itself packed for a server.

Change Log:
[li]Renamed the gamemode back to Hover Skate.
[/li][li]Added six new boards and ranks
[/li][li]You get a lot more points for doing grinds than arial tricks.
[/li][li]Added a new map rotation script. Thank you pcwizdan!
[/li][li]Added abilities to make board spawn binds. Use “spawnboard_”. For example, “bind x spawnboard_six”.
[/li][li]You can now press your Qmenu key to open the board menu.
[/li][li]Added the ability to clear your points.
[/li][li]Added AFK kicker toggle in the config.
[/li][li]Scoreboard now shows falls.
[/li][li]Changed position of the points HUD.
[li]Fixed a minor bug that didn’t allow you to spawn a board.
[li]Fixed all bugs like, everyones board go away when someone leaves.
[/li][li]Scoreboard shows players points.
[/li][li]Added a config.

Official Server List:
Click on the image to join the server.

How to add admins:
To add admins, go into


and add peoples steamIDs there. There’s an example in there for you.

Foszor & Jinto - Made the hoverboard.
Pcwizdan - Great guy, helped me out with vector traces and such.
Nick Tellis - Taught me how to code more efficiently and helped out.
Dannex - Wonderful server host who hosted my gamemode while it was being developed.
Squint - Helped out a shit load with the map and a few models.
Itchyflakes - Helped out with the map.
Kogitsune - Always there to help me in the lua section. Much :love:
TetaBonita - Also always there to help me in the lua section. Same amount of :love:
ljt - Again, always there to help me in the lua section.
Spacetech - Helped me with the board removal and beta tester.
BlackOps - Allowed me to include his map in the content and beta tester.
G3X - My main beta tester and helper.
CloverField - Beta teser and kept players in the beta server straight.
Everyone who posted stuff on the Wiki.

Enjoy the gamemode!

Nice :wink:

So it’s released? Pretty nice.

But, does it still remove everyones boards when someone disconnects?

What about give Points/rank to player? I played much at those server… i got the hyper board. I’m downloading right now.


NOO! The winrar get extract error :frowning:


Meh i fixed it.

Yes all of those anoying bugs are gone.

Gamemode Patch

This gamemode will not work right now. You will get an error when spawning a board. It’s simple to fix.
In the data folder of the gamemode, just make a new folder called “hoverskate” and drag the .txt files into the new “hoverskate” folder. I forgot to change the util.KeyToValues() file path.
Do not upload a patch version to please! I will upload a fixed when I get home from school.

The text should be bloody on the game. :v:

Nice job on the release.
He ended up not banning me :v:

Yes I’d never ban you Spacetech. :lol:

Once I get home I’ll be uploading v2 which will fix the board spawn patch. Then later this week I’m getting 4 more models to add to the rank. So once I add these boards it will be the final version. Then I will be working on another gamemode.

This is fun, though gets kinda annoying when you are known skater and you need to collect 5 million (1mil for known skater + 4 million) to get touring skater rank…

Well if you already got 1mil since this morning, then it shouldn’t take long to get 5mil. And if your server owner, you can just change your value in the .txt file.

A little question. How can I add admins?

You should have called this Garry Hawk’s Pro Skater.


And why the hell do you have a built in admin panel? Why not let players use their own admin systems.

:siren:v2 Released!:siren:

I made it have it’s own admin system to avoid the need for one. There’s no need for an admin system in this gamemode.

To add admins, go into


and add people there. There’s an example in there for you.

Can you please explain to me why the developers of the hoverboard are not credited anywhere within the gamemode - the only credits I see to the development pair ‘% Productions’ is a little bit of bold text in this thread, which 99% of people playing this gamemode won’t ever see.

Careful not to be taking credit where it isn’t due. Implication is as good as statement - for example, I’ve been regularly accused of not making my own gamemodes because they take the name of the server I’m working for. So be CAREFUL.

Do not attempt to state the modifications you have made to the Hoverboard make the Hoverboard any part yours. They don’t.

Well I did the exact same thing but it still says that I’m not an admin.
EDIT: nvm, I fixed it.

That’s sweet!!

Yay, you released it nice job!

I still don’t see why you’d bother. Bundling your own admin stuff with a gamemode isn’t the best thing to do. If people want an admin panel, then they’ll have one installed on their server.

Think of it this way: if everyone added their own admin system to their gamemode, all it would do is confuse and annoy people.

I also noticed you added an AFK kicker. Why not just release this seperately? What if server owners don’t want to kick AFK people?

And on top of that i can’t see any credits given to Foszor and Jinto - i hope they gave you the okay to release this.

Thank you everyone.

Jinto and Foszor were the first one’s in the credits. And I barely modified the hoverboard at all. The only thing I changed was the speed jump and in hull, I added the function which reduces 500 points.

I know this is their hoverboard but I don’t see what the big deal here is. Yes I’m using their hoverboard in this gamemode but this gamemode is something too many people wanted. So I made it.

That doesn’t justify using it without their permission.