GMPublish Compressing -> Failed

Hello everyone, I have been trying to make an addon so I could use workshopDL instead of FastDL for my server, but I’ve run into an issue.
The .gma file is 500mb by itself (I know, too large) and when trying to publish, it says compression failed.
So I split the gma file in half, which made… two 400mb gma files. And I split one of those in half… which made two 300mb gma files. Compressing any of these also makes it say compression failed.
Does anyone have an idea as to the cause of this weird behaviour?
Any insight is appreciated.

How do you split 500 mb in half and get 2 x 400mb?

That being said, even 300 mb would be too large to compress. I honestly dont think you need that much space, downscale your textures.

That’s my question. I split 500mb, and got 2 400mb. I split 400mb, and got two 300mb. It doesn’t make any sense, which is the point of my question.

The compression algorithm for GMAs is not directly by file size and is probably more/less efficient for the number of files.

I now have 8 300mb gma’s as opposed to one 500mb.
Should there really be that much variation?