[gmpublish.exe] Can't upload my addon (PublishWorkshopFile failed! (2))

Hello there pals, I’ve tried to upload an addon and I’ve tried it for more than an hour and I still can’t do it.
Whenever I start uploading it says:

“(this can take a long time - it’s actually uploading the files right now…)”

And after a while it throws:

“PublishWorkshopFile failed! (2)”

I don’t even know the error numbers so I don’t know what to do.

Help please.

What’s your upload speed?

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And the size of the addon you are uploading?

File size: 5,28MB (Uncompressed)
Upload speed right now: 0.23Mbps

I’ve just noticed how slow is my internet today. It’s that, right?


Maybe is the “TimeOut” error or something.