GMPublish freezing and not uploading to Gmod Workshop?

Basically I’m trying to upload servercontent onto the Gmod workshop and I’m receiving -no- errors what so ever in cmd.exe (ran in gmod/bin using shift + rightclick) everything checks out fine until the final last file is registered in cmd.exe (Steam is not ran in administrator & cmd.exe is ran in administrator) which it would then seemingly stop loading and ‘freeze’ I cannot type in cmd after the last documnent is scanned by cmd and it won’t upload to GMOD workshop. There are no other errors in cmd.exe during this all files checkout fine. It’s just the final file that cmd.exe comes apon in the addon and it seemingly is unable to register it and won’t let me type in cmd.exe after that causing me to close it then reopen it.

Post a screenshot of the “freeze”.

Now I’m getting this error?

Are you providing folders for addon and image?

The path to -addon MUST be a .gma file and path to -icon MUST be 512x512 .jpg image.

I have a 512x512 .jpg image, however the folder is not a .gma file, how do I make it so?