GMPublish - PublishWorkshopFile failed! (16)

I was trying to upload an addon to the workshop when this error “PublishWorkshopFile failed! (16)” appeared.

Here’s the log.

C:\Users\T HART\Desktop\gmadandgmpublish>gmpublish create -addon "C:\Users\T HART\Desktop\gmadandgmpublish\HL2AC_SWEPS.gma" -icon "C:\Users\T HART\Desktop\gmada
Garry's Workshop Publisher 1.0
[Compiled Jun  6 2013 - 16:20:48]
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 4000
Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID:  Caching Steam ID:  76561198029641087 [API loaded no]
Storage Quota: 1.0 GB total, 1005.4 MB free
Opening C:\Users\T HART\Desktop\gmadandgmpublish\HL2AC_SWEPS.gma
Compressing.. [94.3 MB] =>  [23.2 MB]
Sending Addon to Steam..
Sending Icon to Steam..
Publishing "Half-Life 2 Survivor Ver 2.0 SWEP Pack"..
(this can take a long time - it's actually uploading the files right now..)
PublishWorkshopFile failed! (16)

C:\Users\T HART\Desktop\gmadandgmpublish>pause
Press any key to continue . . .

Please help.

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Got it to upload.