⚙️ gmpublisher — the fashionably late, modern Workshop publisher


:gear: gmpublisher

Currently in Beta development.

A powerful and feature-packed Workshop publisher for Garry’s Mod is finally here!

For some reason, I put a month of my life into this program. I hope you guys enjoy it :smiley:

Click for downloads

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  • Doesn’t depend on gmad.exe or gmpublish.exe
  • Publish & update your Workshop items
  • Extract, search and browse GMA files and installed addons
  • Bulk download & extract Workshop items and collections
  • Upload animated GIFs as your Workshop item’s icon
  • Analyze which addons are taking up the most disk space using the addon size analyzer treemap
  • Supports legacy SteamPipe addons and old GMA versions
  • Works without an Internet connection
  • (Coming soon) .GMA file type association for quick extraction
  • (Coming soon) CLI interface
  • (Coming soon) Manage Steam Workshop subscriptions
  • (Coming soon) resource.AddWorkshop generator









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(In future this will not be a requirement)

macOS, Linux

The program should work out-of-the-box.

Technical Stuff

  • The program makes heavy use of multithreading, and will work best on processors with a decent amount of cores.
  • Made using Rust (backend) and Svelte (frontend)
  • This is not an Electron app; this is a Tauri app. Big thanks to all the contributors to Tauri for their amazing work on finally killing Electron for good.
  • gmpublisher uses the fantastic steamworks-rs library for interfacing with the Steamworks SDK
  • The program is only about ~10 MB (which is probably just a lot of panic unwinding traces!)



Cool stuff Billy!

Very cool

billy is cool man and i very like uploading to the workshop so please like and scurbsribe

Looks pog, definitely something that’d be great for s&box.

this looks beautiful :astonished: :+1:

finally a way to ditch the broken mess that is steam workshop

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Looks very clean. I like it
Saw this just in time for my Rainbow addons. Needed a GIF icon and this is really helpful. Thank you

Complete, efficient and clean. 10/10 -IGN. :+1:

I can’t believe it took so many years before someone made a tool for Gmod that didn’t look like complete trash, kind of a shame since, you know, S&box and all…

Maybe if Facepunch doesn’t have one for their own, you could repurpose this, of course talking about the future.

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Facepunch, hire this man.



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Sadly way too late… Hopefully you intend on making something similar for S&box!

thank you billy, i hope you make this for s&box too

Thankfully this will still be used even when S&box is out

Yo this is epic, nice one billy

Nice one, billy!

Please fix Polish flag here and on the GitHub, it is sideways, that one you got is actually Indonesian flag :man_shrugging:

Fuck. I didn’t know Poland/Indonesia was part of the countries that have an impostor flag. Unfortunately I can’t edit the thread at this point, but I’ll fix it on GitHub. Thanks

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smh billy isn’t multi cultural, just a sneed.

macOS and Linux builds now available :smiley: