GMR GMOD Changes?

Hi, i’m sorry if i’m in the wrong section or something and just to make it clear, unfortunately i can’t afford someone to help me either so i’m just posting to see if there’s someone that would like to do some changes to GMR for GMOD, and by changes i mean like try to implement like Scars into it, or atleast make the GMR cars a bit more realistic, their quite stiff and not too enjoyable to drive.

It’s just a thought, you don’t have to do it or anything, just saying, the gamemode it self is awsome but yeah.

Would be cooler if you now wanted to change/add a GMR mod then drifting could be fun, add that element into it would be quite fun and make it a bit harder, or maybe it’ll become easier, i don’t know, just some thoughts thrown out there.

This isn’t a ‘make me’ forum.

did i say: “make me”? no, just throwing in ideas for those that might be bored or something

This is Developer Discussion, not Ideas Discussion.

development won’t get very far without ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno i always expect this kind of thread to have content;
Guess i will never learn.

It’s kind of also a private-gamemode… I wouldn’t recommend running it. If you’re set on a racing game-mode, write your own.