Hello, I am new here (as you can probably tell) and I would like to introduce myself with a map I made. This is my second map, and my first released (I never finished the first.), some critique or constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

this is a gmr map (Gmod Racer) and it is a arena map. (deathmatch)

without further adue…

download: contains the bsp, vmf, and all those other goodies.

Not bad at all!

Very good for a second map. I suggest more curves (add mode sides), and look into lightmaps.

Texture it.

One, WTF Cubes…more like prisms! And If you want help texturing it, Id love to test my new CS4 legally owned(thats a new one)!

Looks pretty nice, but chances are PE won’t host GMR anymore, to make room for the upcoming GMR2.

Aww, I tought it was about this movie

Nice. Would recommend adding a little more detail.

Equilibrium mofo :*(

They are using a stolen version of the gamemode, I would recommend not supporting thieves.

yes im aware of that.

Look at his name.


milk. 'Nuff said.

Is that piratemilk from Johns stranded server from along ago?

Anyways, the architecture is pretty good, nice map.