Hello here I just want to show my new gmr map i’ve map for PhoenixDawn. So here is some videos from in-game.

Detail. other than that i like the Crash bandicoot racing style

I like it, but the track seems really short and you’re gonna have a lot of trouble texturing those massive walls without it looking shitty.

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OP your map looks decent, try and get it a bit brighter though :smile:

Got some potential, like the detail on the bridges at 0.22 in the first video. Work on it some more and make a post about it in the pimpage thread. No need for a separate thread.

You seem to have forgotten to apply textures and models to your map!
Development textures are really best used when you are determining the sizes of things during the basic construction of a map. They don’t really look that great in-game when compared to proper textures and are only useful in a final map when it’s a construction map where players may need some kind of reference.
If flat colors and grids are the kind of style your aiming for though, you would really be better off using some custom textures. The development textures are just really too bland.

As for the layout of the map, perhaps it may be beneficial if you posted a screenshot that shows the map from above.

By the way, you probably wouldn’t need to have an introduction to all of your videos. If someone is interested in seeing more of your work they will usually go to your profile. And I know that I will almost always turn off the sound if a video has background music for no reason. You would be better off without it; not everyone shares your taste in music.