GMRacer problems

I have my own GModRacer server, yet I am getting problems with the upgrade (F2 menu.) I open it, and get spammed with these errors.

[gamemodes\gmodracer\gamemode\parts\engine_v44c.lua:40] ents.Create cannot be called while rendering
[gamemodes\gmodracer\gamemode\parts\engine_v44c.lua:45] attempt to index global 'Entity' (a function value)(Hook: HUDPaintBackground)

Here is the link for the code to engine_v44c.lua

:siren:** Moderators, please move this to LUA Scripting, I really need to get this fixed, and more lua coders post in that section. **:siren:

Leaked gamemode, Anywho… Gmod Racer sucks.

No it doesn’t.

  • that is an opinion.

you wont get any help with a leaked gamemode, best option is trying to fix it yourself or not using it.

And my opinion is that your opinion is wrong.

Well, GMRacer shutdown a while ago…


How would one get a Authorized GM RACER?

You do not run it, Its a horrible gamemode anyways. All PE gamemodes are shitty now.

Again, thats an opinion, which I and probably many others will disagree with.

You don’t.

There are no “authorized” versions of GMR available.

GMR is a leaked gamemode… Facepunch does not endorse or encourage stealing/leaking gamemodes, and you shouldn’t ask knowing it’s a leaked/stolen gamemode.