gmrelay - The Automatic Donation Processing Service
Link: (Not much to show at the moment, we have disabled most features)


First off, I’d just like to announce that gmrelay is a work in progress and is in very early development stage.

gmrelay is a free service that allows server owners to create their own online store, start accepting donations to help them pay for the server bills while gmrelay makes sure the donator gets his goods/rank automatically without the server owner having to lift a finger.

Let’s say you have a Garry’s Mod Server that you pay for monthly to a GSP (Game Server Provider). You find it hard to pay for the server bills on your own and would allow your community to help maintain itself and get by. That’s when you turn to gmrelay. We allow you to easily setup your unique Online Store, create your custom packages with a few mouse clicks and publish it in an instant. You don’t need any website or any knowledge in development at all. The only thing you need is a PayPal Account and a Garry’s Mod server.
gmrelay will be listening to your PayPal 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Online Store; ( or on your own website) with a clean design and lots of features. All in a few mouse clicks!
Instant Activation; the same minute your PayPal recieves a donation, the same minute your donator will have his goods on your server.
Advanced Statistics; keep track of your community’s economy in order to maintain your community by customizing your packages after the statistics.
Recurring Payments; if you want to enable donation packages month-to-month.
Responsive Design; works on every device. iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.
Custom Commands & Variables; allowing you to specify exactly what your package will activate on your server.
Update Database Records; in case you want to give the user goods on teamspeak, website forums, etc.
24/7 Support; we love to help you and your community on a path to success.

Free Accounts
You are limited to one server.
You are limited to 5 packages.
Your server is in the normal priority list.

Premium Accounts - $4.99 / mo
You can have unlimited servers.
You can have unlimited packages.
You may have your Online Store on your own website.
You may accept reccuring payments.
Your server is in the high priority list.
(We have enabled Premium Accounts in order to make sure that gmrelay remains stable and fast).

Note: We will launch our service under beta when it’s ready, and not all of these features might exist at that point.

When the service is ready for beta, we will release it to a small amount of people called beta testers.
The beta testers will automatically be premium accounts for the rest of the time they spend with gmrelay.

Would you like to become a beta tester?
You are required to have a Garry’s Mod server and a PayPal account.
Make a post in this thread where you state that you want to become a beta tester.

Current Beta Tester list:

Main page:
Client Login:
Client Register:
More will come soon!

Thank you for taking time reading through my post! :smile:

Also, I did not know where to put this so I decided to ask a mod (PLing) where to, and this ended up being the place of choice!

I’d like to become a tester.

Welcome to the beta testing team! I will contact you over PM when gmrelay enters beta stage. I’m excited! :dance:

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I’d be interested in becoming a beta tester.

Added to the team!

I’ll help test.

I’m quite interested in Beta testing. Do you need a database for this though?

Sorry for first post here, I browse fp every day but never bothered to create an account :smiley:

© 2014, getting a bit ahead of yourself eh?

If you need any testers, I can help.

I’ll help test :slight_smile:

You’re all added.

I have a suggestion from when I ran my community and had my own donation system.

[*] Specials: Allow packages to be available until x players buy them, or until x time passes, then after it reaches the criteria then it closes (still there) and hides the package, preventing any further purchases (until owner reactivates it)

I can help test

You’re added!

Hell, I wouldn’t mind testing this out either. Seems pretty rad.

Added! 2 beta slots left.


Very cool idea.

That’s quite a nice and simple looking website, I like it.

I’d like to be a tester by the way :v:

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muh automerge

You’re added to the list. 1 slot left.