gms_divide - Mini mountainous survival area

This is the first map that I’ve released to the public. I have been mapping for years, but never spent more than a few hours at once on a map, and always just mapped for me and my friend’s LAN network.

However, I grew a pair and made a basic survival map that I feel hasn’t been created yet - a mountainous survival area. Please give me your feed back on this, to assist in the next maps that I create. I got a kick out of making a map for the community, so I will be releasing my map. Without your “this map is awesome” or “Piece of shit, be more careful with displacements” type input, my maps will not improve.

As I said, I’ve been mapping for a few years, so it’s definitely not a trash map. It’s like my first step into actually creating maps for the public. There will be more, mainly stranded maps or build maps, but I may step up to make some others. I don’t mind working on a team, maybe help as a team effort to make large maps.

I did spend about 30 hours of my life building this map, so I’d appreciate friendly criticism, not “this map sucks and fuck your mom” comments. If you think with that kind of an attitude, then I am sorry that creating this map inconvenienced you.


  • A cave that connects to each side of the map, with 3 build sites
  • 9 outside build sites including an area for pidgeon/crow’s only
  • A spawn point inside the actual map, with a prop remover to help protect from entrapment

Version 2:
Fixed the ground. Suffered some blend texturing but the ground now works for foraging.



Rory - Mapping - For an awesome GMod Stranded Server, inspiring me to make this map

Looks interesting, I’ll check it out when I have the time.

cool, put on your site

nice map, I like the mount area… lol

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There was a major post purge maybe a week or two ago that deleted posts before 2009 to help speed up the site, and he became gold member before then.

Yeah, I became gold when it was first introduced as a donation.

Thanks for the comments.

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Just found a bug… The ground isn’t forgable. I will be releasing v2 tonight.


Version 2:

The the skybox doesn’t fit with the rest of the map. Try a more cloudy one

Yeah, I’m realizing that now that the map is released. I’ve got no one to help test maps, so I released it and just hoped if there was any major flaws I could map it out and release another version.

I will be focusing on skybox textures and builds in my future releases.

Could I use this in my warhammer 40k comic?

The displacement sculpting looks great. The map looks like it could use some fog / rain and a danker sky though. I would definitely (as somebody already suggested) try a different sky/lighting. I usually try 8 or 9 different light settings before I pick one that best suits the map.